Monday, December 26, 2011

From the words of Roy - The IT Crowd

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I've been getting increasingly frustrated after installing Pets. AFT save didn't give me any problems but WAG froze time and time again. Then the new save for Sammy also froze during the night.

The worst day of all - trying to load WAG. First try, Disc verification fail. Have to try again. Finally loaded save, when I went to save I had an error 12. What I should have done is restart, what I did was quit to menu and reload. That's when I had a crash to desktop. Next try, Disc verification fail. I think I played all of 5 minutes that night.

Add to this the general frustration of having although the blogs have more readers than ever, my blogs are also getting fewer comments.

While installing Skyrim on the virtual PC on this Mac, I was doing heaps of other updates and restarted both the virtual PC and finally did a few Mac updates and restarted it.

Low and behold, WAG is working. It's gone nearly a full day with no freezing and no problems saving (I'm saving ever few Sim hours.)

I don't tend to restart the Mac much. The manual says just put it to sleep when not in use and that's what I do. But if I start having problems again, I think turning it off and on again is now *way* up on my to try list.

And if you've never watched the IT Crowd, just do it. Too funny for words.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Collection Folders for Dummies

How nice that we have collection folders that we can create and edit to make finding our favorite items easily. Sounds great, right?! Just one problem? I can't figure out how to save an item into a custom folder. I have a nice empty folder I named, 'Bathroom', for, you know, bathroom stuffs, decor, etc. I'm losing what little mind I have left trying to figure out how to save a blasted decor item into the folder.

Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Don't Fear the Reaper

Ollie and Shannon were devastated when Death came for Mr. Pickles. Ollie was disgusted with Shannon's tearful display. "Get a grip, woman!" Since it was obvious that Shannon wasn't going to man up and do something about Mr. Pickles demise, Ollie did what only a real man could do.

"Take that, Foul Creature! Give me back my sweetums, Mr. Pickles!"

To Ollie's shock and horror (and delight?), Death was oddly thrilled by the beating. Soft fluffy feathers flying around Death along with the cooing of Oliver made him fiendishly happy. Not able to stop himself, Ollie continued his assault.

Shannon listened to the sounds in the hallway and thought about Ollie's "performance anxiety."
"Suddenly, everything makes sense!"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am in mourning - Sims 2 site is gone

I think it actually happened some time ago but I wasn't paying attention. I am mourning for 2 things. The first is that I didn't get a chance to copy some of my material from the forums for reposting to the little Sims 2 blog I have. Damn. Nor do I have a spare copy of my Sims 2 bachelor challenge story.

But the main thing I mourn is that means that Candi's Uglacy is no more. That uglacy was the first legacy story I ever read and one of the funniest Sims stories around. Last time I had checked, Candi was still working on a Apocalypse challenge which was done in the same style. And it's all gone.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool new blogger feature

One of the updates to blogger is adding a 'lightbox' facility to all blogs. Basically, if you click a single image in a blog post, you get to scroll around all the images in that post in a separate window at a larger size. A nice way to concentrate on the images and easy to use.

Some of the recent changes to the blog interface are good, a few are annoying. Like some of the advanced settings aren't available - you have to go to the old interface to choose if you want people to type in the word verification or not. But this one is cool in my books.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi there people

It's been quiet and I've been missing all of you heaps.

Anybody still out there or am I by myself in Sims world these days?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

PiB/Nicarra stories - not Sims related

A few of you will know by now, I've started digging out my old old old stories.

If you have some desire to read those stories, let me know. If I have your email, I'll add it to the Share list for each story. Those of you on Google+ are probably already in the right circle to get the story links.

Be warned, one thing is my first novel - which isn't going to be the greatest thing you ever read. Possibly not the worst but definitely not the best.

Also, will be doing NaNoWriMo this year and updates on that in November will be happening.

Friday, July 29, 2011

i'm almost back!

so after months and months of my computer being broken, it's FINALLY fixed!!! the good news is i have a better hard drive and have recently purchased generations... the bad news is that all my sims games are lost forever. no rojos, no katalina. but i'm kind of excited about starting fresh. i have yet to install the sims 3, because i literally have just taken my computer out of the box. but i already have a new town in the planning phases and within the next couple of days i should have my game up and running. it's going to be awhile before i officially post anything, because i don't know who my blog will be about, and i have a lot of setting up to do. i'm thinking about using twallan's mods instead of awesomemod, so if anyone has any tips on that or which of twallan's mods you like let me know! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Twallan's Relativity and a new page for Sam

Twallan's Relativity mod has changed a lot in the most recent incarnation. You have far more options like having skilling rates set relative to age length. So your Sims might be able to skill up even if you do a speed legacy. :) I'm a bit overwhelmed by the changes, it was so ultra simple before.

And I wrote a new background page for Hi Mum, It's Sammy. It's just a page about his various spouses and their creators. At which point, I realised how much I adore Tomasi women. Cause they rule Sam's life - mostly. LOL

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Some of the new generations stuff is so cool

So when your Sims asks a parent for the offspring's hand in marriage, you can get this.
Mind you, since they are engaged anyway, whether or not Em or Brad approves isn't really going to stop me from marrying them. But this is sweet.

I think I've blown the chance for Prom or graduation for Penny, Ronnie and Nick. Sorry kids.

Oh, and a new option (beyond Reminisce about the old days) for Vanessa on chatting to child aged Miriam was Pinch Cheeks. :)


Parent blessing is +20 for 10 days. Wow!

Just ranting for the moment

I'm really really tired of number of 'new' challenges in the Story forum that are 'acy'

They aren't new, they are legacy challenge with a new rule or two. Back in Sims 2, you can find people doing Uglacy and Prettacy but no one claimed they were 'new' challenges. There was just a goal of breeding uglier or prettier Sims in each generation. And some of the current 'acy' things no one tried to pass as a 'new' challenge. As far as I can tell, rainbowacy wasn't called new, it's just about the colours coming into the family with each generation.

But now there is traitacy, wishacy, careeracy, houseacy, ad nauseam. Each one declared to be a new challenge - use the legacy rules plus... THAT'S NOT NEW!

ok, rant over. Feel much betterererer now. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

My New Uploads

Ok, I know this is going to be a surprise but no Grants no Lemans.

Cyclone Sword and his family, Trina, Nicole and Rock BTW - why Rock? Well, in one of Chrysame's blogs, Cyclone had a son called Brick. And that got my brain on the track that ended up at Rock Hudson (Don't ask, it is a very twisty track.)

And the Harkness family Jack and Ollie Mayweather Harkness. The twins Stuart and Lizette. The youngest Tyrone.

Give them a reccy if you get a chance.

Friday, June 24, 2011

SILC - reader choice poll one up

Best short - how about that, I was beginning to doubt they were ever going to organize anything.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One thing that Sims 3 blogging is teaching me

Namely, I write light fluff. While I can write a few intense scenes, murder a few Sims, break the occasional heart - you know if it's my blog, it won't happen for long.

Guess I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart. :)

So I can envy Kaleeko and Amelia and their ability to keep writing intense - heart wrenching stuff. I just have to admit to myself, there is simply no way I'll ever write like that.

On the other hand, I also love reading light fluff so this is probably not the most surprising thing on the planet. We've recently started watching an old old tv series "Jeeves and Wooster", which makes me want to go back and read PG Wodehouse again. Light fluff at its best.

Real Sim Weddings (Sammy spoiler warning)

With arches and guests seating themselves and wedding cake

Makes PiB a happy camper.

Something for PiB & a note to Kaleeko

I just set up Riverview with some families that had happened in BB. I'm rotating to 10 families like back in the old days. One of the families I moved to RV was John Edward Grant, his wife Carolina North and their son Benny. They married and had Benny on their own. Now where Benny got those eyebrows from I have no idea. I just took him to CAS but the only thing I changed about him was his clothes.

Going back into school to sign up for after school class.

 Leaving School.

I have no idea how anyone could get along with Carolina but apparently John Edward found a way. They did that on their own.

Before going to CAS.

When I first entered the house.

While I'm here I will let you know that I am going to be okay according to the neurologist. I just have a brain that is very very old. *laughs* Shouldn't that mean I am very wise?
The ear problems are still improving; just very slowly.

Loving the stories.  I have fallen behind and am going to try to catch up.
To Kaleeko, I read your latest update and am seriously worried about Jeb's state of mind. I fear he may do something drastic and possibly to himself.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Need grown Grants?

Probably not but I just uploaded all 4 of Phillip and Vanessa's kids as young adults to the Exchange
Please note, I do not promise that all their outfits make sense. I didn't check. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Pics

Rose, "Who says redheads can't wear pink. I look cute!"

To cop, "Sure, whatever, blah blah blah. Way to ruin my party." *surlyslouch*

Thomas: "I've HAD it! Time out, Rose." Rose, "I'm not five. " *pout*

Jacob, "Is the sink gonna explode? Is the stove on? Is the moon gonna crash into the earth?!!"

Rose, "Prom Queen and a date with Tony Walker!" *swoon* "And he asked me to be his girlfriend! Best. Night. Evar."

Rose, "Tulip is the cutest baby. Evar. "

Jacob, "She stinks and she cries and I think she did something to the sink..."

Tulip, "Just you wait until I'm big!"

Baby Gnome!

Marta, "Getting old sucks. SUCKS!"

She kept checking her wrinkles in the mirror and getting very sad and depressed. I sent Thomas in and a few kisses a woohoo in the tree house and she felt much better.

"NO, Daddy! NO!"

Jacob and crush, Renee Blackheart, daughter of Dee's Greybeard and Gilda Mayweather

Rose became a YA, moved out and married Tony Walker as soon as he aged up. Almost immediately, she was pregnant. She's such an impatient sim.

A couple of Father's Day pics.

Thomas and Marta's first grandchild, Timothy. Looks like he inherited Grandpa's hair.

Teenage Tulip.
A nice combo of Marta and Thomas.

Tulip got caught by the police when she was innocently hurling a carton of eggs at a neighbor's house. Marta was not amused.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The One?

Which character is the one? That character you keep going back to, keeps you on your toes and is your favorite (don't tell the others!)

Is it the same character that best shows who you are as a gamer and/or writer?

My fave is Marta. I luvs her.

I'm not sure she's the character who best represents me as a gamer or writer. Ollie might fill that role. Whoops, Marta just whacked him with her wrench. She wins, again!

Added these pics. Wonder what Marta is whispering to her husband after his long day at work? That's quite some stargazing outfit she has on...

Pissed off Momma is pissed off. Darling Rose dumped water on her mother during her sleepover.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Generation Pics or It's Not Easy Being Marta

Marta is engaged to the man of her dreams. The man she choose with her wishes. A party is thrown and arrangements are made for "entertainment." No one said it was going to be good entertainment.

The dancers are supposed to be lifeguards; hunky, hip thrusting, dancing machines who drives women wild. Um...okay.


Meet Cherry Pie and Candy Bar. They're happy to show the boys a good time at the bachelor party. Marta gets the *cough* lifeguards and the boys get Hottie 1 and Hottie 2. But none of that matters because Marta is getting married!

Isn't her new husband handsome. See how happy Marta is as they exchange rings? So many people come to witness her love for Thomas and his for her. Including his best friend and her old lover, Wyatt Walker. Wyatt, being the town Casanova, has many loves and intends on adding more. Perhaps one of the pretty females attending the wedding? It can't hurt to try! Or can it? Marta is royally pissed. How DARE he flirt with another woman at her wedding to another man. The nerve!

So being Marta, she does what comes naturally...

Which is to insult her guest. Wyatt is rather surprised as Marta just married a fine fellow. Wyatt and Marta haven't been together in some time. Why the fuss? Maybe Marta is thinking about what she's missing. It's her wedding day, after all. He should give her a little something. Now, what does Wyatt do best with females?

Marta is stunned! He's hitting on her after she just married his best friend? How DARE he! First he betrays her at her wedding to another man by flirting with another female and now this? Wyatt is confused. How can she deny his flirtations? Isn't that what she wanted? Women don't make any sense. Hmmm...maybe she doesn't understand his thoughtful gift. He'll try again and again and again. Marta is not amused, in fact she's seriously creeped out. There's only one thing left for Wyatt to do.

Attack the bride, of course. A full on smack down, take down, face slapping, hair pulling wedding fight. Marta, who has level nine athletic ability is confident that she can take Wyatt. She would be wrong. He kicks her wedding dress wearing butt around the dining room after an epic battle. The guests aren't bothered by the disturbance. This is Marta, after all.

In the end, it all becomes a funny story to tell the children someday. Right?

Thomas and Marta's daughter, Rose. The child who will someday hear how her mother got her butt kicked at her own wedding. How embarrassing! Speaking of embarrassment; please excuse Marta's hair, she just had a baby and doesn't have time to do anything other than tie it up with a couple of rubberbands she found in a kitchen drawer.

Little Rose is the apple of her father's eye, naturally. The happy couple have made a wager regarding Rose's hair color. Thomas is sure Rose will be a ginger like him while Marta is banking on the Tomasi genes coming through. If Thomas wins, he gets woohoo in the shower. If Marta wins, she gets woohoo in the hot tub. You know what that means, don't you? Everyone wins!

((I'm having a blast with Generations. Thomas is a very good daddy and husband to put up with Marta's antics. He's a teacher and very, very happy with his family. The big flirt only has eyes for his girls. :P))

Looks like Thomas won the bet. Except for having Marta's eye color, Rose is pure Leman. She already loves her IF, Birch.

This last pic is for PiB.

Friday, June 03, 2011

And after Generations there will be


Including the much longed for horses, as well as cats and dogs.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Days 29 and 30 of the 30 day Sim challenge

Day 29 - The reason you started playing Sims in the beginning

I avoided Sims 1, heard that it was an addicting and a huge time sink.
Finally got Sims 2 and discovered that it really was addicting. I almost lost interest when I had only the base game but then I got Open for Business and that had just the elements I needed.

Day 30 - The reason you are still a Sims fan today

Sims as a story telling medium and

More than anything else, all of you. The people who comment/read/blog, who share Sims and our stories. I treasure each of you, your posts, your comments and the Sims you share.

Thank you especially Dee, Chrysame, Sue, Kaleeko, MJ, Cheezy, Raisin, Amelia, Felicia and all the lurkers on this blog.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I just wanted to drop in and tell you all how great the stories still are. They are just so awesome.
I haven't stopped reading. I have read every single one in my email.
@ Pib: The Shrimp had me worried there for awhile. Now I just hope he makes it out of Egypt in one piece.
Such an awesome job there PiB. I've read all, but that is the one that sticks with me right now.

@ Kaleeko: For some strange reason I always really liked Shark. It was rough seeing him lying there like that. What are we going to do with Travis? I hope he makes it out of Lisa's house in one piece. I know that had to be Lisa. Like mother like daughter. I may be wrong but don't think so. Officer Walker has to be Wyatt. It's the eyes.

Love you guys. Keep on writing in all your awesomeness. :)

Also - Welcome Amelia and housekeeping time

I don't think there was ever a welcome Amelia post. Drat. And a very belated Welcome to Amelia

Housekeeping time - is the blog list up to date?
I've just added Amelia's main blog - do you want the Maltese Llama listed yet?
I've added Felicia's blogs.
Any other blogs that need to be removed, added?
Any new widgets we must have?
If anyone want to pretty this up in any way, it's more than time for a makeover.

Welcome Felicia

Our newest contributor
Author of The Braxton Legacy
Venus does Riverview
Sugar and Spice - Fairytales your mother never told you

One of my favorite bits from the Braxton Legacy

That's the best way to start your kid's school day off. I know I always loved to come downstairs to find my father writing a romance novel in his underpants - I knew that the day could only be a success from there.

I cannot begin to imagine how many of my Sim kids found parents in their unmentionables first thing in the morning. Most of them survived though.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 27 and 28

Day 27 - The cheat you use most commonly and a cheat you rarely/never use

Cheat I most commonly use? Well, I do sometimes change the relationships/relationship bars to get Sims to interact the way I need them to for photos.

Cheats I never use - motherlode or whatever the Sims 3 equal is. My Sims are expected to earn every cent. I did a bit of money fiddling to transfer the pub costs from Phillip Grant to Stephen Grant. But in the end, they had the totals that they deserved, it wasn't to give them a free ride in life.

Day 28 - An expansion pack you wish EA would make

Still hoping for an equal of Open for Business. Or something else that adds a bit more challenge if you want to take it on. But I'll take what they make. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Days 24 to 26

Day 24 - A video you made yourself with Sims

Well, that's easy -

It's the only one that's anything like done. Not that it's brilliant, or even terribly well shot but it is a video.

Day 25 - Something that happens in Sims you wish happened in real life

A Sim can go from long hair to short hair to long hair and it's all theirs. Me, if my hair is ever cut short, it's going to be a lifetime to get it back.

Day 26 - Favorite place to download Sims custom content

Still don't do CC. Mostly because I fear the search for CC will turn into this vast time sink - you can spend a lot of time finding just the right hair, clothes, etc. I'd rather spend the time working on the writing, not searching for CC.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 23 - The most awesome Sims you’ve ever had without cheating

Gosh um, so tough. Would you believe Sam Grant? LOL

Ok, that statement is a cheat cause there have been a dozen Sammy clones. But the most awesome of all

Indiana Sam. Why is he the most awesome Sam clone of them all?
He and wife Rachel both topped careers.
They had a pile of money.
They had 5 children - including triplets who did well at every life stage at home.
Sam topped several skills; athletics, cooking, and charisma.
He had level 3 visas in all locations.
He lived to over 110 on normal life span.
He had well over 200,000 reward points before he died.

No Sim could ever want a better life or family then he had. All it adds up to awesome in my book.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your plans for when Generations is released

Before I will install Generations

  1. I need to have finished the current short story with Jerod
  2. I need to have finished screenshots for my Sam Grant story for SILC - that won't need generations at all - it's going to be a short short. :)
  3. I'll be waiting to hear that the main of Twallan's mods are ready - most of them are updated within a week anyway.
After that's all ready, I'll be ready to fling Sam into the Generations and see what he and I can get up to. Obviously, he'll need a mate cause Generations will need kiddies. :)

BTW - What town should I fling Sam into for point 2? SV, Riverview, Twinbrook, or Bridgeport? It's not important to the story but I can start prep work once a decision is made.

Day 22 - The most scandalous thing you’ve done with Sims

In Sims 3? While some people may feel that the resulting family of the first short story is a bit scandalous - my happy little menage a trois were a set of consenting adults who loved each other.
The second short story, a bachelor challenge with a bisexual lead and all the participants hitting on each other at parts might be considered a bit scandalous. But again, they were all consenting adults...
Other than that, I have murdered 6 Sims for a story - still no.

So in Sims 3 - nothing that really registers as scandalous - nothing like the wild and crazy times my Romance Sims had in Sims 2. In Sims 2, I had one Sim after 50 1st dates who would date *anyone*. Toward the end, she seduced the oldest son, his dad and finally the oldest sister in one family (the sister was easiest, she was a friend before) Most of my romance Sims had multiple lovers, quite a lot of them were bi, including Don Lothario.

But the worst household of all was
Ok, this doesn't look too weird does it? The two elderly 'gentlemen' are Ricky and Bill Cormier - Ricky is a Pleasantview teen and Bill (name changes across games) was a standard University student at Academie Le Tour. Both romance, both have many many lovers in town. Male and female.

Ricky's love child Rachel is on the right of the photo. She was left on their doorstep by her maternal granddad as a baby and raised by Ricky and Bill (both splendid parents). The dark haired guy is Theodore, Rachel's husband and father of the toddler Rachel is holding. When he first arrived, both Ricky and Bill kept throwing romantic wants about Theo but they eventually got the idea that he was off limits.

Still not too bad? Well, the other female is Katherine. She's actually a lesbian, but Bill seduced her and got her preggy. Mostly because Bill had been so sweet over such a long time and helped raise two generations of Ricky's bloodline. So Bill has both his spouse and his lover and a illegitimate child in one house.

Did Katherine mind? Not really. Girl had almost zero personality and the guys had been keeping their affections behind closed doors for years because Rachel hated seeing her dad with someone other than her mom (I did fix that eventually.) Katherine's son took after his dad in both personality (good) and looks (very interesting, Bill was a common target for uglacy players.). She did finally move out when her son went to college and settled with some random female she took a fancy too.

I really really need an excuse to do something like this again. THAT is a proper scandalous household.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 21 - Something that happened/could happen that made you quit without saving

Basically, just major glitches on the part of the game itself.

I've let Sims die. I've had romances that I didn't like. I have killed Sims that dared romance when I didn't approve :) They get bad jobs, they have kids when I didn't expect them. And I keep going.

Every once in a while, my game throws a glitch that makes me quit without saving. But they have been very rare. Like once Thomas should have died but the Reaper glitched on the lot. So I reset and Thomas lived another few days.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 20 -

Hmm, kind of lacking a day 20 - so what's one thing I love about Sims?

Genetics through the generations. It is one of the things I truly love, and one reason I try very very hard to keep the World Adventure game in the original hood. I put a lot of our/Exchange Sims in there. I know the bloodlines of a massive (not all!) number of the Sims roaming around.

I do still add from time to time. During Phillip's time, the Kanes moved in. During Penny's time, the Pesces have moved to town.

If I start rambling too much about Sims no one knows/cares about (I try to keep it to sibs and offspring those sibs of current narrator) just remind me that I am the *only* one who knows them. Thanks. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 19 - One thing you would change about the game

From my point of view, I'd love it if the game were more challenging to play. A few of the tombs are difficult, if you use the World Adventures. A few of the careers in Ambitions are difficult.

But for the every day stuff. A parent never has to fetch a bottle for a baby, no dirty diapers, no bathing the baby/toddler. The fridge never runs out of base food. A Sim never has to buy clothes or a cell phone. In Sims 2, my just aged to teens always got to celebrate by going to a shop and buying a phone and new clothes. I miss some of that.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 18 - The longest family tree

In Sims 2 - I was following three family lines and two of the three had reached gen 5 when I last played.

Family tree document

In Sims 3 - I'm still very slow and so have only reached gen 4 in one save
Sam + Rachel -> Indiana
Indiana + Judy -> Phillip
Phillip + Vanessa -> Penny

I have too many Sims projects to do any of them quickly. :D

Day 17 - Your favorite “special” Sim species

I am officially skipping Day 16. I don't have any background music playing when Simming. Couldn't do it for Sims 2 and never developed the habit with Sims 3.

So my favorite special Sim species

Sims 2 Witch/warlock. They had good and evil versions. Each had unique and potentially useful spells. They could make new objects and potions. It's really the only species that I had multiple individuals and no intention of reverting them.

Second would be the vampires. I've always had a soft spot for vampires and both Sims 2 vampires and Sims 3 have a few interesting features. Plus they don't sparkle in day (not fond of Twilight vampires, I'm old school with my blood suckers.)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Question of the Day - what do you prefer doing with your elders?

My personal preference is that one of their offspring  stay home (or move back home from University in Sims 2). The elders do all the house stuff that needs to be done; cook, clean, garden, babysit. The parents can continue in their careers or pursue a life dream and do the most important part of raising a toddler without having to stress. Multiple generation households means that you can be pretty sure that someone will care for the baby without you having to step in.

I basically never ever have elders living on their own. Nor do I kill them off before their time. It's a holdover from how I played Sims 2 - I rotated between all my households so every one of them had extended or multiple families in it so that I had fewer to play (it was still over 20 by the end). My preference was child move home with parent. If the parents already had one adult offspring living there, second preference was siblings and families living together. If I couldn't manage that, it was down to cousins or good friends from college. :)

I know that is pretty much the way you are supposed to handle a legacy - but that's not the reason I do it. I just like having my elders still being very active in the family.

So what do you do and why?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 15 - The Life Time Aspiration/wants/fears your Sims most commonly have

Most commonly it would be

Have 20 friends - because that's what Sam Grant was given when he was made and I've run a lot of clones at this point in time. I do sometimes alter his life want but usually not.

In my families, I try to mix it up. Phillip's children; Vincent - one Sim Band, Stephen - Master of Mixology, Penny - Master of Martial arts, Veronica - World renown Surgeon. Not one of these aspirations has been used in this family before.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 14 - Your favorite and least favorite stage of a Sim’s life

Least favorite - the cocoon aka baby. There is nothing interesting to do with a baby. You don't even have to go to the fridge to get a bottle and have a change table or sink around to bath them.  Parent whips out a bottle whenever it is needed and can instantly cleanly change the diaper. I miss having a Sim change diapers. I miss slobby Sims *fearing* to change diapers. In Sims 2, they feared it but they would do it for the sake of the baby.

Favorite - hmm, probably young adult. They are really establishing themselves in their work, finding or confirming their love, thinking about babies or maybe making some. It's a good life stage.

Day 12 and 13

Day 12 - The community lot you visit the most

This one I cannot answer. I have too many games in too many towns and too many different Sims. Literally, it depends on the town and the Sims involved.

Day 13 - Favorite piece of custom content/mod or the reason why you don’t have any

As everyone knows, I don't do CC. I love Twallan's MasterController to bits. I can't imagine playing without it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sorry guyyyys

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the delay in updating- I AM still writing, but I've been having issues with my game. Uninstalling didn't work, and it took me two entire days to do, but we've narrowed it down to a faulty mod. So bear with me, and I'll have a new post up as soon as possible. :)

Day Eleven - Favorite Sim Living in your Neighborhood that You Did Not Create

This was going to be easy cause there aren't many of the pre-made Sims that I really care about.
Then Kaleeko brought up an imported Sim - the lovely Marta Tomasi. And that changed the character of this entirely.

There are so many of my imported Sims that I love for one reason or another. Every male Sim abused in this Sammy story was added because they are special to me. I am particularly grateful to Chrysame, Dee, Sue_d_nim and Kaleeko for their Sims.

In the end, it comes down to two and I have a hard time picking between them.

One would be Rachel Thorpe from Sue_d_nim

Rachel is particular special for her partnership with Indiana Sam. They raised 5 children, including triplets, they both topped their careers and they are the founders of my favorite Grant clan. Rachel proved she truly was a great match for Sam when she won his heart a second time during his bachelor challenge.

The second special is

Kaleeko's Bradley Kane - as specially married to Emerald Greenwood Kane

Brad and Em were done to be neighbors in one of my stories in the hopes that we'd get at least one Kane/Grant marriage out of it. There may still be multiples...time will tell.

Brad and Em with the three kids are also background Sims in one other game and Brad with original family is in yet another. Obviously a Sim I hold dear.

Sue's favorite

Well, it turned out to be hard for me. I love so many of our sims. But upon reflection there's one that I truly adore. He never got much screen time, and he never did anything notable. Worse yet, he's not even one or ours! Blasphemy! I got him off the exchange. I'm talking about Ronnie Rausage from Slices of Life.

Poor old Ronnie. He's ill favored in almost every way. He's not classically handsome, he's tubby, he's shy and neurotic, he doesn't make friends easily. But he's ... completely lovable. He's cuddly and easy going and sweet and I want to hug him. I cheered when he finally got himself a girlfriend, even though he never took it any farther and didn't spend much time with her. He got the best looking guy in the neighboorhood to be best friends with him right off the bat, he got himself a responsible job, and when he's not having a panic attack he's very happy and takes care of his needs and wants pefectly well without me.

I thought of starting a game based around Ronnie, but I'm afraid his personality would be different, especially if I'm controlling him.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 10 - Your favorite celebrity as a Sim (made by you)

Ok, not one celebrity but basically every attempt I've made at celebrity Sims.

The first you have never seen in my game nor in my studio. I was trying to do Bill Bixby, an actor I adored from forever. I was never happy with how he looked so he never came out to play.

The second was from a forum request for a Doctor James Wilson from House. The Sim actually does look reasonably like the actor/character.

The last - John Barrowman - buoyed by my success with Wilson, I wanted a Jack Harkness. The actor looks pretty much the same out of character as he does in.

So it's all my celebrity Sims.

Question for the day - does anybody care?

Sue's only acceptable celebritysim

I can't make sims that look like real people, so I don't try any more. Very often. But I did make one, Tyler Townsend, who purposely looks a little bit like Brendon Fraser.