Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Sims

I played a bit around in CAS and created a new sim.  I'm pretty happy with her look. 

I thought if anyone else had new sims we could post them here.

Here's Macy Monroe.

Her traits are:  flirty, over-emotional, green thumb, loves the outdoors and genius.  Her favorite color is orange.  I think she'd make a fine mad scientist someday.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy holidays one and all

Bright and early Christmas Eve day here. Work will be tough as usual this day every year. We start off with a breakfast that continues to 9 or so then places around the University have morning tea. Officially, everyone goes home at noon after putting in such a hard effort in the morning.

So I thought I'd wish everyone a bright and happy festive season. I'll be around and online a lot. :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

I made it back.

We lost power Friday night about the same time we lost internet service. Our power was back by Saturday morning. We were lucky. Thousands have been without power. Many still are. The snow is still on the ground and my internet just came back on a few minutes ago. We ended up with 15 inches of snow. We live on a road that is not state owned so it doesn't get plowed and neither do about 3 more that I have to travel to get to the main road. I'm going to try to make it to work tomorrow. I think these back roads will be clear enough by then. It's going to take me awhile to catch up to every one.

Thank goodness for Sims. I started a new game with the same sims plus some surprises. Three days of sims and I have lots of sims to post about.

Hello everyone. Hope this internet is back on for good now. Missed you all.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So what other games/game companies do you recommend

Just wondering what the rest of you have found entertaining over time.

My list:
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (1 and 2)
Dragon Age (Bioware == great game)
Neverwinter Knights
Divine Divinity (same company has a new game out and I will definitely be trying it!
The Witcher - Geralt of Riva == damned cool
Oblivion - gorgeous and interesting. I tried Morrowind but it's so big and open that it scares me. :)
Sacred - the original I like. Don't really like the second - so many small quests you never move along the story.

Adventure games
LucasArts Monkey Island series.
The Longest Journey

Desktop games
Big Kuhana Reef 2 - great game ++ infinitely expandable with a designer tool.

That's a start though I have more if I could remember them. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New patch - new tool

There is a new patch. Supposed to fix many issues, including Sim ages being reset if you change their clothes or hair.

Create a world is officially out. They even have left it as beta so beware that they must be sure it will have some issues.

LOL my accoutt just got suspended for seven days

I have made a post in Freewill experiments with the whole nonsense last night.

My account was suspended for a seperate reason... but I posted all the emails and all at the post.

DARN autocrats!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OMG the forum is getting out of hand!

I just commented on a post in the forum. I made a reply with regard to CC, similiar to the post I made the last time which I got cited for.

My post was REMOVED SECONDS after I made it. I could not go back to edit.

Alas, I cannot print screen for some reason(either my printscreen button is broken or my mspaint is stuffed).. but thank the fairies for the back button in the mozzilla browser.

I copied the evidence...

This is getting frustrating! XML
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[Post New]12/15/09 04:33 PM
Subject: This is getting frustrating!
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So I decided to take a break before WA came out and let time pass so all the bugs and patches could be worked out. I come back, and try to update my game using the launcher, and its telling me "Update Error: Invalid File"

WTF!!! I bought this game legally, It's a digital download wut do u mean invalid file. So I removed ALL CC from my game, still doesn't work. After scouring the forums, some suggestions has been to replace certain folders from the original CD on to your hard drive. Uuuuh, I have a digital download, I don't have a hard copy CD, where am I getting these files from!?!?!?!

The only option I see is un-installing and re-installing which is a huge no-no! I need help
[Post New]12/15/09 04:37 PM
Subject: Re:This is getting frustrating!
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Hi there.

The Invalid File error typically arises from custom content and mods; even altering the time/date stamp on core files can provoke it. What we advise is that users remove all CC and mods prior to patching.

-Big Guy-
Visit the Master Help Thread:

[Post New]12/15/09 04:47 PM
Subject: Re:This is getting frustrating!
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i did do that, it still doesn't work, did u read the message
[Post New]12/15/09 05:04 PM
Subject: Re:This is getting frustrating!
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In that case, I'd advise a full manual uninstall, then reinstalling the game:


-Big Guy-
Visit the Master Help Thread:

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Subject: Re:This is getting frustrating!
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SimGuru_BGY_11 wrote:Hi there.

The Invalid File error typically arises from custom content and mods; even altering the time/date stamp on core files can provoke it. What we advise is that users remove all CC and mods prior to patching.

-Big Guy-

Frankly if CC(and mods) is part of the cause which leads to conflicting issues with the core game files then I think the Guru created thread regarding CC should be removed?

I am not trying to be snotty, but if it is indeed a 'possible' issue, then a thread like that should not be on the OFFICIAL SIMS3 forum for now? At least until it is found that CC alone is not at fault?

My other posts are appearing since, but the above one was deleted!

This is what I have said since.. just 'in case' these dissapear as well!

[Post New]12/15/09 05:12 PM
Subject: Re:This is getting frustrating!
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Sorry, for some reason I cannot access my post to edit it... I wanted to add, that I did not want to be rude with my comment but it was merely a valid question.

[Post New]12/15/09 05:13 PM
Subject: Re:This is getting frustrating!
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I feel like I'm in some type of impossible lab on computer programming, fix this broken game. Why must I un-install and re-install every single time a patch comes out, that really shouldn't be the answer to these problems. Honestly, fix your ****, and get it together
[Post New]12/15/09 05:14 PM
Subject: Re:This is getting frustrating!
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OH MY WORD My post was removed by the GURU?? WHY??

It was not rude or inflammatory or harressment? I was just asking a question?

Here is the link... forum post

(if the darn HTML doesn't work I am sorry:/)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

To Muleskinner Don

Please come back for a few minutes. I'm starting a new game and really want one of your males and one of your females in the game. I need to know which ones you would prefer in there.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New toddler pics

I uploaded a couple of new pictures over at Simatography of my/our born-in-game sims. I took pictures of Carter Townsend and Stephenie Andrea Grant, posed as in a photographer's studio. i think they came out really cute. I'll do more later, probably. I think I'm addicted. Do they make a pill for this?

Here's the link: Shutterbugs Assignment #3 Babes in Action

Oops, I called her Stephanie but I meant Andrea. Sam and AJ's girl. That's what I get for doing this late a night.

The Genetics Game

I finally got things back on track in my game. New baby Mara and a few changes.  In this game, Michael Bachelor hasn't died, Buster Clavell did die and another Townsend toddler died. Poor Tyler.  I had Mara v.1 saved in my bin as a toddler so I compared her as a young adult to Mara v.2.  Note:  I changed Mara v.2 hair color as it was a light reddish blonde.  A pretty color but it didn't work for Marta and Wyatt's daughter. 


Monday, December 07, 2009


I played a little today after my latest blog.  I wanted to age Mara into toddler hood.  I did so and saved and played some more.  My last save went kablooey.  It threw me out of the game.  No worries, I'd saved earlier and I know how to deal with a corrupt file. 

I had no .bad file.  I had no main Walker file.  I did have a backup in the Sims 3 saves.  Great!  Nope. That backup was so old that Wade was a baby and it didn't have any of the changes I made to the house.  So, I went to my last manual backup which was two weeks ago.  Wade is a toddler and no Mara.  So, I'm not sure what to do about my last blog entry. *laughs* 

It's all a dream!  I'll probably nuke it and start over.  Opinions?  Suggestions?  I will try for another new baby and I'll do the watermelon trick to get a girl, again.  At least I love playing this family!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Forum issues?

The Sims 3 forums seem to be getting glitchier (New word, yay me!).  Tonight I couldn't access them at all.  I kept getting a "loop" error.  Anyone else having issues? Or am I just that lucky?!  

Monday, November 30, 2009

I think I need therapy

My name is Nicarra60 and I'm addicted to Sims multiples

First there was the sweeping wave of twins that hit Pleasantview and surrounds. Three family lines, all of whom had twins due to unsuspecting pregnant wives eating cheesecake during their pregnancy. And every one of them had twins.

Worse in the next generation was a house with lots of Sims already, 2 pregnant females. They both ate cheesecake and this

was the result.

And now poor Sam should be shuddering in those sexy boots cause I have this urge toward multiples. He can easily get fertility treatment. I think Rachel can too. I know she could watch some kids tv and listen to kids music.

I am Nicarra60 and I love Sim twins. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moved to Sunset Valley

I saved all our sims to the sim bin as a household without the houses.
I want to say that whether the fix is permanent or not is yet to be seen but: After moving all the families to SV, I went into one of the houses and sent a child to plan outfit. I changed his shoes and some shorts he was wearing. He DID NOT age backward. Hopefully that little problem is fixed by starting a new game. It did take a minute for their features to clear up when I first entered the household. That's understandable since I just put 16 families, couples and singles in the town.

They did keep their jobs but of course they will have to make friends again. They don't know anyone outside their family right now. I forgot to check skills but feel sure they still have them.

I did not delete any of the SV pre-mades. Believe me, there are no more than a couple of empty houses left so I am sure some sims will be dying or moving out of town.

I still haven't added Wyatt, Marta and Myra. I'll be doing that before I start playing the town.
I can not say at this time whether or not I'll be entering all the sims houses again or not, because there are so many. I will be sure to take pics of them when I see them. I do know some have aged to child now.

I made a list of who went into which house, if anyone wants to know. I started with the largest familes and made sure they had enough room, then the couples and then the singles.

We may lose a sim or two because I didn't check for fire alarms. I also didn't check for burglar alarms. I did go to each house before adding the sims and make sure they all had at least one crib with teddy, a block table, a peg box and a Xylophone.

The houses that have more than one floor have toys on every floor so the poor little ones don't get stuck on a floor with nothing to do.

I did not use the free realestate cheat this time as they all had enough $'s for the homes.

Now I'm going to go add Wyatt and family to the mix.

Sue you were mentioned LOL

I am not sure if you guys know about(sorry, I still can't get the url thing right in blogspot)


Not to everyone's taste, but frankly I love it! LOL, 'we', that is the mares, give a witty account of the life that is sims and the 'narcissists' that often frequent the forums. Witty, giving credit where due, and well, showing those for who they are when appropriate.

Anyway, back on topic. Sue! LOL, your Rachel got a mention! Woot!

Here is the link(please can someone tell me how to make the link clickable?)


It's the second post for this page "We have a whim for a LOLSim"

Yay Sue! Lol, your notoriety precedes you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Installed content?

I have been going through the installed content in my game launcher.

Some of the patterns have little icons inside the block, I do not go to other sites to dl stuff so I was wondering if you guys could help.

Where do they come from?

'SW3' in the block?

One that is outlined in purple with a 'plumbob' inside it?

One with a 'W' inside it?

Dee, those boxer shorts of Fred's are originally by someone called alex and the lipgloss has the name Suza_simplestyling.

Patterns are safe right? They did not mess up my game with the patch other than the normal glitches everyone is having... no blue lots or anything like that though.

Makeup is ok? Is it just mods and hacks that change the core game files that are a problem?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks for the gifts!

I am going through all the emails I missed since Sunday, but I just wanted to post this first before I comment further.

Thanks Sue and Crysamme for gifting me with the goodies! It was completely unexpected and a lovely surprise when I logged in this morning:)

I have a wishlist as I am having problems buying simpoints:( and I wanted to remember what I want to buy when I eventually get it sorted.

For both the cc option as well as the paypal option there is only a US option in the country of origin adress bar thingy:(

SO I can't put in my address properly, I have emailed support but am still waiting for a response of some sort.

THANKS!! Chrysame and Sue :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

If you have WA installed

Is your story progression working? Mine is supposed to be on but I'm getting no romances and no babies turning up in the neighborhood. I've had a few families move around but no spontaneous relationships.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Violation in forum

Your Electronic Arts account has been flagged for violating the Electronic Arts Inc Terms of Service. We believe that the violation or behavior is serious enough to bring to your attention as it may impact your future access to the service.

Violation: BTW, I also find it highly amusing that the blame for the faults of the patch and WA errors atm, fall on CC, mods and hacks but we have this thread in general discussion regarding CC created by a GURU

Now please do pray tell why this is a violation? Is this oppression of speech or was it indeed offensive in some way?


I just logged into my Wyatt and Marta game having left them both at home with young Wade after a successful overseas trip was completed by Mr. Walker.

I see this...

I looked at the family tree and he isn't dead.  I look at all her relationships and Wyatt shows but he's kind of greyed out.  She can call him long distance.  I had Marta invite Wyatt (who is now a foreign visitor?) to the house.  He's supposed to arrive the next day.  We'll see.  This is very very odd.  I hope I can get him back!

Edit:  I got him back. He came back as a foreign visitor and I had to use the add to active family cheat to keep him.

Here's Marta and Wyatt together again as she still mourns his "death".

But he is now unemployed. *sigh*  He has to start all over in his career.  He lost everything he had in his personal inventory and in some places they show as husband and wife while in others they don't.  The family tree is borked.  I'm just happy I got him back!!

And some serious story progression happened.  Couples have changed, other people have hooked up, lots of moving around...weirdness.

 New pic of Wyatt in his sleepwear that changed on it's own when the Lost Wyatt glitch occurred. 

Nice underwear...

A stray cat

About 4 days ago, I was going into the kitchen to check on some beans I was cooking for soup later... I spied a cat eating out the bowl of my cat, I had put the bowl outside, because sadly in summer one gets an ant infestation in SA regardless if you have 'ant-proof' bowls... I went outside to give my cat whatfor for being so gross, and the cat skidaddled.

Inside I notice my cat is inside... this cat is a complete dobbelganner of my cat!

Later it returns and eats the fresh biscuits, mince, water I have laid out for it... yet it is extremely skittish everytime it sees me near the sliding door. Finally it vanishes into the abyss that is cat nothingness because the annoying Yorkshire terrier from the across the road that assumes it lives here, scared it.

My husband made all the tut sounds and reassured me that at least it went wondering on a full belly.

We have had extremely heavy rain for the last 3 days and I was really worried about this cat! Today, the cat appears and I go out and give it some biscuits, my worsiedog goes outside to do her business and starts barking at the flowerbed where the cat is hiding so it dissapears for an hour or so.

It reappears later and I go outside and see it sitting in the bushes meowing sweetly. I manage to coax it to the food and finally it comes and rubs itself against me... it is quite friendly, it can't be a feral cat, sadly I just think someone moved and 'forgot' about it:(

Later we went out to check again, and my daughter was with me, it seriously loves my daughter, yet again proving it once belonged to a family. It comes and sits in our laps and all we feel is skin and bones:( I am so seriously disturbed by this since I am a cat lover. How can a house cat get into such a state I ask myself?

We have finally coaxed her(i think) into the house, yet she is still skittish, my 16yr old puss sat up to attention for 5 secs and then turned over and decided that sleep was more exciting, and my worsie seems that she wants to play more than anything... but having to fend for a LONG while for itself I guess the cat is skittish of dogs.

My daughter and I have for now named this cat "LUCKY", though it is answering to PussPuss. I hope that it will be around tomorrow morning so we can take it to the vet for a checkup. My heart is very sore that ppl abuse animals in this way with no feeling. It does not mean because they have no 'voice' they have no feelings!

I will keep you posted on Lucky/PussPuss.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh no, more email

I think I found an option that emails new posts (or maybe just post notifications) to us...maybe.

Run for cover Muleskinner!

CrinkleWinkle Updates

Since the feed thing doesn't want to work, which I think is because that whole blog is pages and not posts, I thought I would just start this little post.

Since PiB has this fancy new email gadget installed I can just mention there is an update each time and you guys will be notified that way in future.

So anyway there is an update... but I will not post another until after exams.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rachel Thorpe Tomb Raider

A Pictorial Short Story

Spoiler Warning
If you haven't gotten WA yet and don't want to see any spoilers, you might not want to look in here.

Well...I thought this was funny...

Hilarious spam post

LOL! So I went to CrinkleWinkle, as I need to do an update, and I found this hilarious spam msg in my spam folder *rolls eyes*... I felt the need to share it.

"Why hello associated forum people! I well-grounded wanted to set up myself here as this looks like a dialect right interesting forum! I myself am interesting in things like writeing and computer revamping so if anyoune needs facilitate forgive me differentiate! I also Suffer from Sciatica so if you aslo have this disease suffer to me recognize so we can share out some stretches!"

Anyhoo, tell me if you figure all that out!

I have a regular visitor to CrinkleWinkle, who finds me via google search "girls in bathroom"... I shudder to contemplate.

I even recently got a weird stalker mail from someone seeing my profile.. yes the picture of Morticia in labour! LOL... who wanted to start an intimate relationship 0.o
Of course all future msgs from that address will be going to spam.

Anyway, I am really peeved about the code 16 error BS and I am trying some ways to save my sanity and find humor in the ridiculous for now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sims 3 update

I was apprehensive about installing it, though I have had no major malfunctions after installing an update in the past. I find myself more nervous ever since my game crash and save data loss awhile back. I saw lots of posts on the TS3 forum after the 1.4 patch regarding it giving game malfunctions...

Holding thumbs! But I did backup my save files just in case.
If anything I hope they fix the darn story progression and the food in the fridge issue! I hope if you guys install the new version 1.6.6, you don't experience any problems.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

PiB's Awesome Email Plan!

PiB is brilliant!  If you've been following the comment section on her last Sammy entry you know about her canny plan to add us to the email feed so we know when a comment has been made!  You're all welcome to add me to your blogs as an email buddy.  If I get the okay from you all, I'll add you to mine. 

Thank PiB!

Friday, November 13, 2009

14 Nov == My birthday

Since the husband is overseas at the moment, it's probably going to be a very quiet day. Not his fault, it's a meeting he really needed to go to. He does have a list of things to look for while away. :)

So a bit of light shopping, a bit of gym time and quite a lot of time on computers...hmm, wonder what I might play?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The two latest blogs are now posted

I have to tell you all what a stupid thing I did. I posted an update the other day and then posted another one tonight.
Tonight, I added all the pics, told the story, clicked publish post and then realized I had posted it in this group blog.
I tried to copy and paste and that didn't work, at first. I then tried again in edit html and it worked for the story but not the pics. I went back and added all the pics again. I also, as you can see, deleted it from this group blog.

It's up now.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm starting a new free will game

Okay, I'm ready to start a real Free Will game in the manner I learned from you guys, switching active households in rotation rather than playing just one. I haven't done it like this before, so I might need some coaching from my favorite simmers group.

I used notes from Dee's Behind Closed Doors and PiB's Adventures with Sims 3 blogs as a guide on how to set it up. I'm playing in Riverview because that just seemed right.

I've simnapped the following sims and moved them in already. Most of them are ours, but a few came from the "Manly Enough For Ya?" thread on the forums.

Rachel Thorpe by me
Becky Sharma by Worsiedog
AJ Anderson by Dee
Talia Dean by Chrysame
Menuchah Muleskinner Lothario by Muleskinner
Lexie Alexander by me
Wyatt Walker by Dee
Sam by PiB
Max Staple by me
Tyler Townsend by me
Ronnie Rausage by Johnnywr
William by rflong7

I also added Dee's improved Plumpuddle Park and my The Corner Pub and Turtle Daycare, and a couple of custom houses.

I gave them all free houses and have not yet done anything else to set them up; as far as I know all the houses were furnished. When they start having babies I'll do some redecorating.

I guess I'll be rotating between houses to check on their progress. If I need a sim to play while observing the others, like in Dee's Sunset Valley game, I'll use Rachel.

It will be at Slices of Life and suednim.blogspot.com .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Have I forgotten any more active blogs?

I just happened to find worsiedogs blogs over at wordpress again. So I've added the Crinklewrinkle legacy and The Freewill Experiments blog to our list.

So have I got all the Sims 3 blogs that people are using?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I had an idea for a new gadget, but I need help

Basically, I thought we could have a gadget that points to our forum posts so we can check out what we've been typing.

I have what I need to make it work for Sue and for me but I need information from everyone else

Sue D. Nim

To make the gadget work, I need the user number for each of you so I can link to the posts like above.

If you go to either my preference or my bookmarks in the forums, your user number is the name of the page right at the end of the url (mine would be 61145).  So let me know your number and we can have a gadget.

sim3 worsiedog

Or let me know if it seems like a really bad idea or you don't want to participate.

Story telling via Sims

It is so interesting since I only need partly plan the story.  Like the current Sammy story in progress.  I have a general plan and so far everything is moving to plan.  But I'm not sure how it ends.  I'll know the end when we get there, but I'm not quite sure what it's going to be.  There are several possibilities and it's really going to depend what the Sims do.

I know some people who do story telling force every moment but I find this method more satisfying.  I tell part of the story and they tell part of the story.  :)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New blog up

I finally got started on my new blog featuring my klepto, Marta.  Whew. 

You can find it at http://doingtimeinsunsetvalley.blogspot.com/

Sunday, November 01, 2009

They feel like old friends now

I've noticed something with playing Sam's neighborhood this time. I feel like Dee's Jon Marsh, Alicia Longshore and AJ Anderson and all the other Sims that keep appearing around town are old friends. Even those relative newcomers Zayne Hunter and Celia Pendragon are getting to that point (plus some of the other Sims that have been volunteered to my games.) Not to mention my own Thomas and Tanya who are always around somewhere these days.

Once Sam hits town, I don't switch households any more so he had to find out who was responsible when Tanya got pregnant (Jon Lessen), when Kristen Zaney got pregnant (Jon Marsh) and one of the other volunteers Kathyrn was pregnant (together with Jerod Bodette, again). Once he finds out, I edit town so the families do all live in one house.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Regarding kleptos

There's a challenge created by MrAlex on ModtheSims called the Klepto King Challenge. I've been wanting to play a game this way, but not necessarily follow all the rules and aim for the goal. It's more that I just am intrigued by the idea of having a klepto sim and having to furnish my house with stolen goods. I started a game this way once and found it amusing, then stopped when I realized if I waited until I got a decent graphics card, I could take pics of my progress and it might be pretty amusing.

Here are the rules, gathered from the challenge thread. My idea was to use them as a loose guideline rather than play the actual challenge to the letter, because some of them seem a little contradictory to me, and some of them I just didn't like much. Besides, I just want the fun of seeing what all kinds of bizarre and mismatched stuff my sim will steal.


1. Create a sim. They must be a Young Adult. They can be any gender (I called this challenge Klepto King for the alliteration!  ) Looks wise: They must wear all black for all of their outfits, everything else is up to you.
2. Their traits MUST include Kleptomaniac, Mooch, and Evil.
3. Their lifetime wish must be Master-Thief.
4. Purchase the house called "The Monotone". It must be UNFURNISHED. If you want to play in Riverview, please copy this house over.

- You are NOT allowed to buy ANYTHING from buy mode. EVER. Everything MUST be stolen from other people's houses. (Yes, you will end up with a very quirky mis-matched house! )

- You are NOT allowed a burglar alarm (The Monotone house shouldn't have one anyway). If you get burgled, that's karma for you!

- You are NOT allowed a job. EVER.

- ALL money and food must be made through mooching off other sims. (You can eat from the fridge if you really want, but this is going to cut into your already miniscule amount of cash!)

- You CANNOT steal or sell seeds.

- If you want, you can steal other sims vegetables by harvesting them. You can then either sell, or harvest these Obviously, this isn't counted in the game as "stealing" so you can help yourself to as much as you like! You CANNOT however grow vegetables on your own lot.

- You CAN steal stuff from community lots.

- Seeing as Klepto's like shiney jewels, you can also make money through cutting gems.

- In the case of metals + space rocks, you can only sell these. You cannot smelt them.

- You CANNOT make money through guitar tips.

- Money made can ONLY be spent on extending the house, hiring a maid, repairman, or babysitter.

- Extending the house includes anything in Build Mode that CANNOT be stolen, e.g. driveways, swimming pools, windows, doors etc. Please remember that plants CAN be stolen.

- You can also get money from selling some of your stolen goods. However, please bear in mind that the goal is to have the highest worth of house, so you want to keep as many objects as possible!

- For instructions on how to steal from a house, see below.

- Once you have stolen the most you can that day (3 items) you CANNOT steal from that same house again. However, you CAN return to mooch money or food off those sims.

- You can steal repeatedly from community lots

- you can buy lifetime rewards

- If you are concerned about running out of houses in the neighbourhood to steal from, make sure Story Progression is turned ON. You can steal from the same house if it has a new family in.

- If your sim wants a partner or child, they must have NO income WHATSOEVER, and they are NOT allowed to help swipe.

- Sim Lifespan MUST be set to "Normal: 90 sim days".

- You can ONLY steal from the base-game houses. This makes it fair for everyone, and stops people downloading really expensive houses just for the items.

- You can NEVER return any stolen goods. If you are stuck with 3 cieling lamps from the same house - tough! That's the fun of the game!


- You must place your three stolen objects into your home as soon as you get back from stealing, unless of course you can't. (For example, you can't place a computer down until you have a desk, so you would have to wait until you get a desk to place the computer down also).

- You can buy any of the happiness trait things  And yeah, you can mount any of the fish you catch, or the jewels you get cut

- you cannot spend money on classes or restaurants

- Everyone has to end the challenge when their sim reaches the ripe old age of 90!

- if you find families aren't moving out, or some houses remain empty, go to the "edit town" screen and place copies of the sims in the sim bin in the empty houses, or evict some families and replace them with custom sims. You can move the custom sims in to any house by using the "freerealestate" cheat.

New blog is now up

Wanted to let you all know that the new sunset blog is up. I'll be going back to the game for awhile. You will see all your sims kids again in this last blog. I am leaving Sunset sitting there as it is now for awhile. If any of you want me to upload the offspring, let me know. Later I will probably get rid of that game.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New improved Klepto!

I darkened her grey eyes and changed her last name to Tomasi.

You can find her at:


The other Marta was deleted. 

Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha

Meet my new klepto, Marta Scott.  I still haven't run the criminal track so I'll be attempting master thief with Marta.  A new town, a new game, a new career and maybe we'll be stealing your sims toilet someday soon!

Marta traits are klepto, athletic, brave, charismatic and handy.  She likes cookies, latin music and lilac (it's so pretty!!).  You can find her at:  http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=1463574

My new blog

Inspired by Dee, I started a test "freewill" game.. lol, I have commented on it here and there in Dee's blog.

After getting the idea from a comment Dee made, I decided to make a seperate blog. You will be able to catch up on all my experiences with 'freewill' gameplay. I will start a fresh town with most of the freewillers I am already playing with and will add some more.

Thanks Dee for the marvelous idea, I am really enjoying this fun way to play. This is the first time I am blogging via 'post' fashion so I hope it is not too much of a balls up! LOL.

Here is the link http://freewillexperiments.wordpress.com/

P.S PiB, can I add a link for this group blog on the page?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My cat and other useless waffle

I uploaded a number of sims which I was selfishly 'hiding' in my sim bin before this day. This is a step forward for me... lol, I like to keep my creations for myself... *feel proud that you made me progress you guys*

Anyhoo, I have a pic of my cat, and hopefully I can get him uploaded right. (okay so after 45 tries for some reason I cannot upload images?? *pout*)

Working on the next Sammy story

It's taking a while to get things to a point where it's worth posting about but I am making progress. And I expect the story to be very slow at first, Sam and I will get there in the end.

Starting a town fresh, I don't know why some people seem to love it. I find it a bit freaky, having all the families back to how they start.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wyatt Walker

You'll be seeing this guy around town. Description is below the pics.

I made a new sim finally. His name is Wyatt Walker. His traits are brave, athletic, charismatic, schmoozer and kleptomaniac. His favorites are electronica, cobbler and black. His lifetime want is to become a master thief.

grrr.. problems with sims2

I have not played sims2 since I got a new graphics card for my pc in August. As usual it took ages to load, even though I have also updated my memory.

Anyway, I tried to upload Jamie and Adam onto the sims2 site with their house from my game for Sue in the meantime, as I see all my uploads have been deleted for some reason from that site.

I got a weird code error5 and code error 1.

I then exited sims2, then tried to load the bodyshop to load them from there (possibly) and it said this programme has encountered a problem and needs to close - send error report -??

What the heck?

Do you think it is because of my new graphics card? Or what the heck? I did try to load the bodyshop from my latest expansion pack, "Mansions and Gardens".

Should I uninstall and reinstall? And is there anything I need to know before I do that?

Meanwhile, I will carry on making Jamie and Adam for sims3, though I am worried about Jamie's hat.. lol

Monday, October 26, 2009

So who needs a simmy napped?

Anyone have any 'volunteers'?  LOL.  I don't think I have any from our newest blogger and only one Sim napped from a couple of you.

But only under the understanding that they may change clothes, hairstyles and may be called on to fill whatever role is needed for the Sammy blog, including being the bad guy/girl or love interest.

BTW - I'd like to introduce my newest Sim Wilson based on the House character

I don't usually do this but this one seems to have worked.


So yes, a bit slow and all... but anyways, here I am.

I put a bit about myself on my profile page, so you can get to know me a bit more.

Tomorrow I have an exam *dreading it*, so that is why I have been more quiet(if that is possible), lol, than normal.

Glad to be here, and hopefully I can add something insightful in the future, though I must say I am a complete noob when it comes to using all the fancy commands to move stuff and so on.

I have played sims since 2004 when I got sims1. Micheal Bachelor was my favorite character for some reason.

In sims2 I loved the Broke's and the Burb's most and they have seriously over-populated the town.. lol.. there are hundreds of them. I liked Pleasantview best of all.
I downloaded Gimp to start creating my own hairstyles and clothes and so on, but never got around to learning how to use it sadly.
I uploaded houses mostly on sims2 site.

In sims3 I am enjoying playing Legacies, and though I have not played with any of the old characters to date, Micheal Bachelor did somehow end up getting married to one of my sims.

My avatar is of my fav sim, Morticia CrinkleWinkle.. she really grew on me, perhaps because inadvertently, even though she was a random trait rolled sim, she turned out been alot like me.

Anyway, hope this post wasn't too long.. back to the books for now.


p.s the (w) in worsiedog is pronounced (v), it is afrikaans slang for sausage dog.... I have one, along with my cat, who I have mentioned in Dee's blog.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sam and Celia and family

Chrysame, that family is by far my most popular download on the Exchange now.  They are up to 71 downloads which is way over the Sam Grant downloads of 50something.  

The rate people are downloading them is slower but it's definitely not stopped.

Hmm, you aren't one of the contribution team...if you want to be, I need an email address so I can add you.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hi all

A pic for PiB and sims3. Also wanted to let you all know that a pic of little Jamal has been posted in my current blog instead of starting a new one.

I just noticed sims3 isn't in the list for this blog. How do you invite someone?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hurry up and add more to your blogs

I went to the forums and they are just completely overwhelmed with modeling comp threads.  So I'm counting on you to save me and write more.  Now! Please??

Seriously, the number of comps is just too much.  Doesn't anyone actually play any more?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I notice the little things in my game

I think it's funny watching how the AI and story progression make things happen, and how it sometimes doesn't sync up 100% but is still fascinating. Zayne Hunter rolled a wish to chat with Wayne Garth, so I made her call him on the cell phone. Just as they began talking, I saw him running by her house. He kept on running, but I could tell he was talking to her because the friendship plus sign kept appearing over his head and their relationship bar was increasing. He ran to the pool, and when he got there, he finally stopped and took out the phone. I guess he had one of those earphone things to use when he runs.

Lately I've also been noticing little details like when they read a book their eyes move back and forth across the page, and their footsteps made different sounds depending on what surface they're walking on, and at night you can hear owls. I keep noticing new things to love about this game.

An interesting read...

... sooner or later I get curious about how things have their beginnings. I found this to be interesting. Thanks Blogger Pioneers!

The Story of Blogger

Blogger was started by a tiny company in San Francisco called Pyra Labs in August of 1999. This was in the midst of the dot-com boom. But we weren't exactly a VC-funded, party-throwing, foosball-in-the-lobby-playing, free-beer-drinking outfit. (Unless it was other people's free beer.)
We were three friends, funded by doing annoying contract web projects for big companies, trying to make our own grand entrance onto the Internet landscape. What we were originally trying to do doesn't matter so much now. But while doing it, we created Blogger, more or less on a whim, and thought — Hmmm... that's kinda interesting.
Blogger took off, in a small way, and eventually a bigger way, over a couple years. We raised a little money (but stayed small). And then the bust happened, and we ran out of money, and our fun little journey got less fun. We narrowly survived, not all in one piece, but kept the service going the whole time (most days) and started building it back up.
Things were going well again in 2002. We had hundreds of thousands of users, though still just a few people. And then something no one expected happened: Google wanted to buy us. Yes, that Google
We liked Google a lot. And they liked blogs. So we were amenable to the idea. And it worked out nicely.
Now we're a small (but slightly bigger than before) team in Google focusing on helping people have their own voice on the web and organizing the world's information from the personal perspective. Which has pretty much always been our whole deal.
For more on Google, check google.com. (Also good for searching.)

She's baaaack!

Yes I'm back, and so is Zayne, and she has finally met Travis Carson! In a very oddball way, too. She's put a new blog entry up and I'll let her do more later. Too sleepy now.

Oh, and I managed to upload another new sim. I'm tired of all the pretty-boys on the Exchange and all the homely guys in Sunset Valley. Plus, people have been complaining on the forums about the lack of "manly" men. So I'm attempting to rectify that situation. What do you guys think?

 YAY for baby animal and puppy pics!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

New - I found the button to enable titles.

If any of you want to experiment with settings, layouts or anything else, this group blog is open for change.  I've made all of you admins so everyone should be able to make changes.

And just to note, all of my Sims are available for download for any purpose you want.  Be kind, be cruel, make them happy, kill them off.  Whatever reason you need a sim, you can use mine.  :-)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I think I've got it right now. As most of you know already, I set it up again.
Sims in Sunset Valley now are:
Jedediah Muleskinner III by Muleskinner
Jon Marsh by me
Sam Grant by Nicarra60
Thomas Leman by Nicarra60
Travis Carson by me
Jon Lessen by EA
Tanya Pole by Nicarra60
Lexie Alexander by Sue_D_Nim
Menuchah Lothario by Muleskinner
Shannon Spraque by Chrysame
Alicia Longshore by me

Anyone else wants their sim in the game, you need to let me know. I haven't heard anything from anyone else, so I didn't put anymore in the game.

They all have two or three story homes except Alicia. I put her in Shotgun Style house. I'll be playing her so I can change things in her house.

I decided to be fair and everyone else's sim got all the same things. Baby cribs and toys, guitars and alarms. Who knows, if sims get married I may move them in together.

I took pics of all the homes that hopefully will be posted later. I finished all this sooner than I expected. I didn't put any sims into the houses until I had them all ready for them. That way they all get to start at the same time.

I only had a few minutes left to get into the gameplay. Alicia wanted to take a charisma class. When she came out of the court house, Sam Grant was there so I had her meet him. They chatted, he complained about something, they chatted, they made funny faces. Then the group conversation popped up but something was in the way so he went and chatted with what's her name, Wolff and Alicia went and chatted with what's his name Wolff. Guess I'm tired. I can't remember their names.

Maybe I'll get to play a little tomorrow night. I may start a separate blog for Sunset because I know that later I will be going back to Riverview.
A little tragedy for me

I'm not a happy camper, and I won't be able to post any blog updates for a few days. After that ... well, keep your fingers crossed for me.

First I couldn't save any sims to the bin, and I couldn't upload any sims or item types (with one or two exeptions to the items). Oddly, I could save and upload lots. I hated it, but I played that way for a few months until I could afford a new graphics card that meets specs, and maxed out my RAM.

I was in sim heaven for a few days, but without warning or rhyme or reason, I can no longer save any sim to the bin OR to the library - that means no new CAS-made sims for me EVER. Can you imagine how awful to be condemned to only play with townies for ever? I began having worse and worse graphics problems, too. Sure, once inside the game it was prettier, and the thumbnails actually started showing up, but it took longer and longer to load the graphics.

For several minutes, everything would be fuzzy and the lot would be floating in a sea of blue nothingness, the items would show up slowly and then they were grey, and the sims were invisible. (It was kind of funny watching plates float through the air and books turn their own pages. I wanted to take videos, but the graphics always "caught up" before I could). This happened all over again ever time I moved the camera to a new lot.

Anyway, I made copies of my saved games and uninstalled everything, and THEN, stupid me, I discoved that my serial number isn't where it was supposed to be, so I can't reinstall.

Until I find it, I'll be like a junkie going through withdrawal. I might have to play The Sims 2 or Spore for a few days.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lexie's Hair, for Dee

Cherub Hair at MTS

Dee, here's a link for you if you want to get that short curly hair that Lexie has. The mesh is included. I hate it when people upload sims to the Exchange and don't tell you where to get the cc, so I made sure to include it in the description, but you can't put an actual link there, so I have to just hope people will see it and know to post it into their browser.

Thanks for downloading her. As I said before, I just wanted to slap a sim together so I could see if that hair was pretty or ugly in the game. I thought she turned out so pretty that I uploaded her. I'm all excited to see her in your new neighborhood.

You guys have made me want to start a brand new game and play the way you do. Maybe after I finish with Avi, so I don't have to keep up with too many games at once.
Just thought I would let you know, I'm going to start over again in Sunset. This time I'm going to put one sim at a time into a house and get them set up with stuff before adding the next sim. They are all going to keep having babies and I find it difficult to visit them and see babies on the floor with no place to sleep. After that is done, I will add Alicia and have her meet all of them. I'm just not happy with the way it's going at this time.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Here's my first contribution to the group blog.

Video Farewell

Tribute to Grandpa, his family and all his friends and neighbors of Riverview 1. It's time to move forward with a clean game.

Click your mouse on the words Video Farewell.
Looks like we have a group blog. Welcome guys, we can see how well this goes.

In a stunning move, I created another blog today as well, I'm calling it "Hi Mum, this is Sammy".  There are many unlucky Sammy clones that will not be having a good time.