Monday, June 27, 2011

My New Uploads

Ok, I know this is going to be a surprise but no Grants no Lemans.

Cyclone Sword and his family, Trina, Nicole and Rock BTW - why Rock? Well, in one of Chrysame's blogs, Cyclone had a son called Brick. And that got my brain on the track that ended up at Rock Hudson (Don't ask, it is a very twisty track.)

And the Harkness family Jack and Ollie Mayweather Harkness. The twins Stuart and Lizette. The youngest Tyrone.

Give them a reccy if you get a chance.

Friday, June 24, 2011

SILC - reader choice poll one up

Best short - how about that, I was beginning to doubt they were ever going to organize anything.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One thing that Sims 3 blogging is teaching me

Namely, I write light fluff. While I can write a few intense scenes, murder a few Sims, break the occasional heart - you know if it's my blog, it won't happen for long.

Guess I'm just a hopeless romantic at heart. :)

So I can envy Kaleeko and Amelia and their ability to keep writing intense - heart wrenching stuff. I just have to admit to myself, there is simply no way I'll ever write like that.

On the other hand, I also love reading light fluff so this is probably not the most surprising thing on the planet. We've recently started watching an old old tv series "Jeeves and Wooster", which makes me want to go back and read PG Wodehouse again. Light fluff at its best.

Real Sim Weddings (Sammy spoiler warning)

With arches and guests seating themselves and wedding cake

Makes PiB a happy camper.

Something for PiB & a note to Kaleeko

I just set up Riverview with some families that had happened in BB. I'm rotating to 10 families like back in the old days. One of the families I moved to RV was John Edward Grant, his wife Carolina North and their son Benny. They married and had Benny on their own. Now where Benny got those eyebrows from I have no idea. I just took him to CAS but the only thing I changed about him was his clothes.

Going back into school to sign up for after school class.

 Leaving School.

I have no idea how anyone could get along with Carolina but apparently John Edward found a way. They did that on their own.

Before going to CAS.

When I first entered the house.

While I'm here I will let you know that I am going to be okay according to the neurologist. I just have a brain that is very very old. *laughs* Shouldn't that mean I am very wise?
The ear problems are still improving; just very slowly.

Loving the stories.  I have fallen behind and am going to try to catch up.
To Kaleeko, I read your latest update and am seriously worried about Jeb's state of mind. I fear he may do something drastic and possibly to himself.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Need grown Grants?

Probably not but I just uploaded all 4 of Phillip and Vanessa's kids as young adults to the Exchange
Please note, I do not promise that all their outfits make sense. I didn't check. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Pics

Rose, "Who says redheads can't wear pink. I look cute!"

To cop, "Sure, whatever, blah blah blah. Way to ruin my party." *surlyslouch*

Thomas: "I've HAD it! Time out, Rose." Rose, "I'm not five. " *pout*

Jacob, "Is the sink gonna explode? Is the stove on? Is the moon gonna crash into the earth?!!"

Rose, "Prom Queen and a date with Tony Walker!" *swoon* "And he asked me to be his girlfriend! Best. Night. Evar."

Rose, "Tulip is the cutest baby. Evar. "

Jacob, "She stinks and she cries and I think she did something to the sink..."

Tulip, "Just you wait until I'm big!"

Baby Gnome!

Marta, "Getting old sucks. SUCKS!"

She kept checking her wrinkles in the mirror and getting very sad and depressed. I sent Thomas in and a few kisses a woohoo in the tree house and she felt much better.

"NO, Daddy! NO!"

Jacob and crush, Renee Blackheart, daughter of Dee's Greybeard and Gilda Mayweather

Rose became a YA, moved out and married Tony Walker as soon as he aged up. Almost immediately, she was pregnant. She's such an impatient sim.

A couple of Father's Day pics.

Thomas and Marta's first grandchild, Timothy. Looks like he inherited Grandpa's hair.

Teenage Tulip.
A nice combo of Marta and Thomas.

Tulip got caught by the police when she was innocently hurling a carton of eggs at a neighbor's house. Marta was not amused.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The One?

Which character is the one? That character you keep going back to, keeps you on your toes and is your favorite (don't tell the others!)

Is it the same character that best shows who you are as a gamer and/or writer?

My fave is Marta. I luvs her.

I'm not sure she's the character who best represents me as a gamer or writer. Ollie might fill that role. Whoops, Marta just whacked him with her wrench. She wins, again!

Added these pics. Wonder what Marta is whispering to her husband after his long day at work? That's quite some stargazing outfit she has on...

Pissed off Momma is pissed off. Darling Rose dumped water on her mother during her sleepover.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Generation Pics or It's Not Easy Being Marta

Marta is engaged to the man of her dreams. The man she choose with her wishes. A party is thrown and arrangements are made for "entertainment." No one said it was going to be good entertainment.

The dancers are supposed to be lifeguards; hunky, hip thrusting, dancing machines who drives women wild. Um...okay.


Meet Cherry Pie and Candy Bar. They're happy to show the boys a good time at the bachelor party. Marta gets the *cough* lifeguards and the boys get Hottie 1 and Hottie 2. But none of that matters because Marta is getting married!

Isn't her new husband handsome. See how happy Marta is as they exchange rings? So many people come to witness her love for Thomas and his for her. Including his best friend and her old lover, Wyatt Walker. Wyatt, being the town Casanova, has many loves and intends on adding more. Perhaps one of the pretty females attending the wedding? It can't hurt to try! Or can it? Marta is royally pissed. How DARE he flirt with another woman at her wedding to another man. The nerve!

So being Marta, she does what comes naturally...

Which is to insult her guest. Wyatt is rather surprised as Marta just married a fine fellow. Wyatt and Marta haven't been together in some time. Why the fuss? Maybe Marta is thinking about what she's missing. It's her wedding day, after all. He should give her a little something. Now, what does Wyatt do best with females?

Marta is stunned! He's hitting on her after she just married his best friend? How DARE he! First he betrays her at her wedding to another man by flirting with another female and now this? Wyatt is confused. How can she deny his flirtations? Isn't that what she wanted? Women don't make any sense. Hmmm...maybe she doesn't understand his thoughtful gift. He'll try again and again and again. Marta is not amused, in fact she's seriously creeped out. There's only one thing left for Wyatt to do.

Attack the bride, of course. A full on smack down, take down, face slapping, hair pulling wedding fight. Marta, who has level nine athletic ability is confident that she can take Wyatt. She would be wrong. He kicks her wedding dress wearing butt around the dining room after an epic battle. The guests aren't bothered by the disturbance. This is Marta, after all.

In the end, it all becomes a funny story to tell the children someday. Right?

Thomas and Marta's daughter, Rose. The child who will someday hear how her mother got her butt kicked at her own wedding. How embarrassing! Speaking of embarrassment; please excuse Marta's hair, she just had a baby and doesn't have time to do anything other than tie it up with a couple of rubberbands she found in a kitchen drawer.

Little Rose is the apple of her father's eye, naturally. The happy couple have made a wager regarding Rose's hair color. Thomas is sure Rose will be a ginger like him while Marta is banking on the Tomasi genes coming through. If Thomas wins, he gets woohoo in the shower. If Marta wins, she gets woohoo in the hot tub. You know what that means, don't you? Everyone wins!

((I'm having a blast with Generations. Thomas is a very good daddy and husband to put up with Marta's antics. He's a teacher and very, very happy with his family. The big flirt only has eyes for his girls. :P))

Looks like Thomas won the bet. Except for having Marta's eye color, Rose is pure Leman. She already loves her IF, Birch.

This last pic is for PiB.

Friday, June 03, 2011

And after Generations there will be


Including the much longed for horses, as well as cats and dogs.