Friday, July 29, 2011

i'm almost back!

so after months and months of my computer being broken, it's FINALLY fixed!!! the good news is i have a better hard drive and have recently purchased generations... the bad news is that all my sims games are lost forever. no rojos, no katalina. but i'm kind of excited about starting fresh. i have yet to install the sims 3, because i literally have just taken my computer out of the box. but i already have a new town in the planning phases and within the next couple of days i should have my game up and running. it's going to be awhile before i officially post anything, because i don't know who my blog will be about, and i have a lot of setting up to do. i'm thinking about using twallan's mods instead of awesomemod, so if anyone has any tips on that or which of twallan's mods you like let me know! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Twallan's Relativity and a new page for Sam

Twallan's Relativity mod has changed a lot in the most recent incarnation. You have far more options like having skilling rates set relative to age length. So your Sims might be able to skill up even if you do a speed legacy. :) I'm a bit overwhelmed by the changes, it was so ultra simple before.

And I wrote a new background page for Hi Mum, It's Sammy. It's just a page about his various spouses and their creators. At which point, I realised how much I adore Tomasi women. Cause they rule Sam's life - mostly. LOL

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Some of the new generations stuff is so cool

So when your Sims asks a parent for the offspring's hand in marriage, you can get this.
Mind you, since they are engaged anyway, whether or not Em or Brad approves isn't really going to stop me from marrying them. But this is sweet.

I think I've blown the chance for Prom or graduation for Penny, Ronnie and Nick. Sorry kids.

Oh, and a new option (beyond Reminisce about the old days) for Vanessa on chatting to child aged Miriam was Pinch Cheeks. :)


Parent blessing is +20 for 10 days. Wow!

Just ranting for the moment

I'm really really tired of number of 'new' challenges in the Story forum that are 'acy'

They aren't new, they are legacy challenge with a new rule or two. Back in Sims 2, you can find people doing Uglacy and Prettacy but no one claimed they were 'new' challenges. There was just a goal of breeding uglier or prettier Sims in each generation. And some of the current 'acy' things no one tried to pass as a 'new' challenge. As far as I can tell, rainbowacy wasn't called new, it's just about the colours coming into the family with each generation.

But now there is traitacy, wishacy, careeracy, houseacy, ad nauseam. Each one declared to be a new challenge - use the legacy rules plus... THAT'S NOT NEW!

ok, rant over. Feel much betterererer now. :)