Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 15 - The Life Time Aspiration/wants/fears your Sims most commonly have

Most commonly it would be

Have 20 friends - because that's what Sam Grant was given when he was made and I've run a lot of clones at this point in time. I do sometimes alter his life want but usually not.

In my families, I try to mix it up. Phillip's children; Vincent - one Sim Band, Stephen - Master of Mixology, Penny - Master of Martial arts, Veronica - World renown Surgeon. Not one of these aspirations has been used in this family before.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 14 - Your favorite and least favorite stage of a Sim’s life

Least favorite - the cocoon aka baby. There is nothing interesting to do with a baby. You don't even have to go to the fridge to get a bottle and have a change table or sink around to bath them.  Parent whips out a bottle whenever it is needed and can instantly cleanly change the diaper. I miss having a Sim change diapers. I miss slobby Sims *fearing* to change diapers. In Sims 2, they feared it but they would do it for the sake of the baby.

Favorite - hmm, probably young adult. They are really establishing themselves in their work, finding or confirming their love, thinking about babies or maybe making some. It's a good life stage.

Day 12 and 13

Day 12 - The community lot you visit the most

This one I cannot answer. I have too many games in too many towns and too many different Sims. Literally, it depends on the town and the Sims involved.

Day 13 - Favorite piece of custom content/mod or the reason why you don’t have any

As everyone knows, I don't do CC. I love Twallan's MasterController to bits. I can't imagine playing without it.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sorry guyyyys

Just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the delay in updating- I AM still writing, but I've been having issues with my game. Uninstalling didn't work, and it took me two entire days to do, but we've narrowed it down to a faulty mod. So bear with me, and I'll have a new post up as soon as possible. :)

Day Eleven - Favorite Sim Living in your Neighborhood that You Did Not Create

This was going to be easy cause there aren't many of the pre-made Sims that I really care about.
Then Kaleeko brought up an imported Sim - the lovely Marta Tomasi. And that changed the character of this entirely.

There are so many of my imported Sims that I love for one reason or another. Every male Sim abused in this Sammy story was added because they are special to me. I am particularly grateful to Chrysame, Dee, Sue_d_nim and Kaleeko for their Sims.

In the end, it comes down to two and I have a hard time picking between them.

One would be Rachel Thorpe from Sue_d_nim

Rachel is particular special for her partnership with Indiana Sam. They raised 5 children, including triplets, they both topped their careers and they are the founders of my favorite Grant clan. Rachel proved she truly was a great match for Sam when she won his heart a second time during his bachelor challenge.

The second special is

Kaleeko's Bradley Kane - as specially married to Emerald Greenwood Kane

Brad and Em were done to be neighbors in one of my stories in the hopes that we'd get at least one Kane/Grant marriage out of it. There may still be multiples...time will tell.

Brad and Em with the three kids are also background Sims in one other game and Brad with original family is in yet another. Obviously a Sim I hold dear.

Sue's favorite

Well, it turned out to be hard for me. I love so many of our sims. But upon reflection there's one that I truly adore. He never got much screen time, and he never did anything notable. Worse yet, he's not even one or ours! Blasphemy! I got him off the exchange. I'm talking about Ronnie Rausage from Slices of Life.

Poor old Ronnie. He's ill favored in almost every way. He's not classically handsome, he's tubby, he's shy and neurotic, he doesn't make friends easily. But he's ... completely lovable. He's cuddly and easy going and sweet and I want to hug him. I cheered when he finally got himself a girlfriend, even though he never took it any farther and didn't spend much time with her. He got the best looking guy in the neighboorhood to be best friends with him right off the bat, he got himself a responsible job, and when he's not having a panic attack he's very happy and takes care of his needs and wants pefectly well without me.

I thought of starting a game based around Ronnie, but I'm afraid his personality would be different, especially if I'm controlling him.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 10 - Your favorite celebrity as a Sim (made by you)

Ok, not one celebrity but basically every attempt I've made at celebrity Sims.

The first you have never seen in my game nor in my studio. I was trying to do Bill Bixby, an actor I adored from forever. I was never happy with how he looked so he never came out to play.

The second was from a forum request for a Doctor James Wilson from House. The Sim actually does look reasonably like the actor/character.

The last - John Barrowman - buoyed by my success with Wilson, I wanted a Jack Harkness. The actor looks pretty much the same out of character as he does in.

So it's all my celebrity Sims.

Question for the day - does anybody care?

Sue's only acceptable celebritysim

I can't make sims that look like real people, so I don't try any more. Very often. But I did make one, Tyler Townsend, who purposely looks a little bit like Brendon Fraser.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 9 - Favorite and least favorite expansion pack or version of the game



Least favorite, would probably be Seasons from Sims 2. The way they did weather mostly annoyed me. You had to keep a close eye on the kids playing in winter or the social worker might appear. You could lose a Sim to heat combustion during Summer.

Favourite - I'm not really sure I have one. Almost every EP brings new stuff to the table and some of it I really enjoy.

I wish there was an equivalent of Open for Business for Sims 3 cause I really loved the challenge of getting a good business going in Sims 2.

Blog recommendation

Generally, I'm very fond of all of Felicia's blogs

Sugar and Spice currently is very tiny with the 2 posts that make up the tale of Storm Black and the seven Tarts.

The Braxton legacy is simply a scream.

Read them now. Cause.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 8 - The most common reason your Sims die

Most common across all my stories is still death by age.

But in the Sammy stories, we've had




Vampire bite

and more.

The moral of the story, if you want to live a long and happy Sim life - don't show up in a Sammy story.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 7 - Favorite interaction or facial expression of a Sim

No matter how often I see it. No matter which Sim it is.

I love male Sims tucking toddlers into bed. I've loved it since Malcolm Landgraab IV in Sims 2 did it the first time with his new step daughter. And I adore it still.

Awwww. So sweet.

Questions for the blog

I've just been setting all my blogs, including this one to use feedburner for the feeds. I have no idea if it will be the same, better or worse. If anyone has feedback, please let me know.

Would anyone have objections to me setting this blog to using adsense?

Day 6 - Something your Sims do that drives you crazy

Stand around complaining about hungry, sleepy or I can't walk there...when they have free will and can do what they like.

Get with it you, find some food yourself.

Day 5 - Your favorite EA object in the game

Hmm. Tough. I think mine is the basic laptop.

They can play, chat, write, and travel from the basic laptop. It is a very useful thing for them to carry everywhere.

Day 4 - The skill your Sim is most commonly learning

The first skill most of my Sims learn is charisma. I love when it doesn't take a century for them to get to know someone new.

Next is some sort of art. Might be a musical instrument, might be painting, might be sculpture or might be writing. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Three new sims

Well, I can't seem to get my head back into the game, but I did create two new sims. Make that three.  I wanted to post better pictures, but my game has started crashing on startup, so I can't take any. If you want to use them, feel free to change their names and personalities. The long haired girl's hair is cc, but I haven't played in so long I can't remember where I got it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Upcoming story needs a villain

Volunteer yours today. Male or female. Any age above teen. No CC version preferred.

I will happily recycle Sims I've already downloaded but this story may or may not be a bit rough on the chosen villain. Who's game?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 3 - Your favorite neighborhood (EA, downloaded, or self-made)

Post away when you feel like it


My actual favorite of all time was Bluewater Village in Sims 2. I loved that little extension to Pleasantview. I built homes and businesses there until I could find no more valid places to put new buildings. I built a lot more for Sims 2 - possibly because I wasn't trying to create content for so many blogs then. :)

In Sims 3, the only neighborhood I dislike is Bridgeport. Not much room for Sim families and too much emphasis on night life. I am a bit bored of Sunset Valley because I've done so much there. I like pirates so I'm fine with the residents of Barnacle Bay. Twinbrook has the punniest names for some Sims. Riverview is just fine.

Kaleeko's Fave-or-it Town

More Rambly about it Here

Amelia's Favorite 'Hood

I have a lot of favorite neighborhoods, to be honest. It varies by game. In Sims 2, I really liked Belladonna Cove and Bluewater Village. In Sims 3, however, I only have one favorite EA hood, and that's Twinbrook. I really like the country feel and the swamps and the gorgeous scenery. I've always liked small towns more than big ones, having grown up in a big city and moved to a small town myself. Riverview and Sunset Valley are rather plain, to me, and don't have a lot of "character." And don't even get me started on Bridgeport. As a concept, I love the idea of a big grimy city. But I hate how there's no room to put anything else you make in, not a lot of empty apartments to start with, etc. And the premade houses are fugly. 

Sue D. Nim

I still like Sunset Valley. It feels more compact to me, so it's easier to get everyplace. And I love Central Park. My favorite of all is the expanded Sims 1 neighborhood from Unleashed, the one with the college professor's house. I used to load up that household and just sit there and watch those siamese cats for hours.

Day 2 - A house you built

Post your responses here or in the comments

Nicarra60's last house

The house was on an unused block in Twinbrook. Limitations of the build was that the house was for starter Sims, so we ran out of money pretty quickly.

The initial build from above

So we had two bedrooms, two baths, the minimum amount of kitchen stuff required. The walls were not painted and the stuff from bath 2 was sold pretty quickly so the Sims had some cash.

As time went on and the Sims started to earn money, the house was being renovated. The kitchen moved, got bigger with nicer items. They got a desk and some living room furniture. The walls inside and out were painted. And as families grow and change, I do renovate existing structures to meet their needs. I'd have to go back to that game if you want pics of how it is at this point in time. It would have to change again soon, one bedroom has to be converted to a nursery.

My best renovation work was on Mosquito Cove, a tiny little shack that a Sam Grant lived in. I forget which clone number it was but his children were Brooke and John Edward Grant (Art Flows Through). It was quite a cute little house when the family moved to Barnacle Bay.

I forgot about this one.

This was the nursery in the Goth household. Even though I don't play the family, (it's part of the SV Times blog) I couldn't stand the idea of poor little Seth being stuck here

And I spent a few minutes upgrading the room to

which could use more but was time well spent.

The House Kaleeko Built

The Only House Amelia Will Ever Build

Click here to see the rest.

Next up?

Okay, I'll go next.

My favorite house is the first really decadent one I built in Sims 1, where I went wild with the money cheat and the cc - back when cc was free and gorgeous and made by really talented people. It was a huge, white colonial mansion with all the luxury I could cram into it.

But my favorite building of my own creation is still The Corner Pub. They've made it easier than ever for builders, especially builders of community lots, but I got a real sense of satisfaction out of getting around the limitations in the "olden days," when you had to figure out how to use cheats like moveobjects to create what you wanted, and force it to recognize a community lot that would attract lots of sims.

(click for a quick tour)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 1 - Yourself as a Sim with your traits/aspiration

Anyone attempting this can post their Sims here. :)

 People's challenges:

Kaleeko's Day 1 Challenge

Nicarra's Sim characteristics.

I'm not going to try and create a Simself. When you see my Sim celebs, you'll know why.


Slob, Grumpy, Computer Whiz, Neurotic, Genius

Seasoned Traveler. - Given I've been in North America, South America (Brazil), Africa (South Africa), Europe (UK, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech republic) I think I can say I've filled the basics of it. But there is a lot more to see out there.


Hurrr is my Sim!Me. Like PiB, I really don't make simselfs, but I decided to give it a try since none of you know what I look like and thus can't judge my skills toooo much ;) Click 
hurrrr for the rest of the details.

Traits: Bookworm, Clumsy, Excitable, Neurotic, Over-Emotional 

Bookworm, couch potato, hopeless romantic, loner, over emotional.
Yep, that'd be me.

Click the 'edit' button or leave a comment if you want to add yours!

The thirty day Sim Challenge

Day 1 - Yourself as a Sim with your traits/aspiration
Day 2 - A house you built
Day 3 - Your favorite neighborhood (EA, downloaded, or self-made)
Day 4 - The skill your Sim is most commonly learning
Day 5 - Your favorite EA object in the game
Day 6 - Something your Sims do that drives you crazy
Day 7 - Favorite interaction or facial expression of a Sim
Day 8 - The most common reason your Sims die
Day 9 - Favorite and least favorite expansion pack or version of the game
Day 10 - Your favorite celebrity as a Sim (made by you)
Day 11 - Favorite Sim living in the neighborhood that you didn’t create
Day 12 - The community lot you visit the most
Day 13 - Favorite piece of custom content/mod or the reason why you don’t have any
Day 14 - Your favorite and least favorite stage of a Sim’s life
Day 15 - The Life Time Aspiration/wants/fears your Sims most commonly have
Day 16 - A music clip/YouTube video of the background music you enjoy most
Day 17 - Your favorite “special” Sim species (Witches, Vampires, Aliens, Werewolves, Plant Sims, etc)
Day 18 - The longest family tree you ever had/the Sim you played with the most and why
Day 19 - One thing you would change about the game
Day 21 - Something that happened/could happen that made you quit without saving
Day 22 - The most scandalous thing you’ve done with Sims
Day 23 - The most awesome Sims you’ve ever had without cheating
Day 24 - A video you made yourself with Sims
Day 25 - Something that happens in Sims you wish happened in real life
Day 26 - Favorite place to download Sims custom content
Day 27 - The cheat you use most commonly and a cheat you rarely/never use
Day 28 - An expansion pack you wish EA would make
Day 29 - The reason you started playing Sims in the beginning
Day 30 - The reason you are still a Sims fan today