About Our Contributors


PiB - the Programmer in Black - also known as Nicarra60 in the forum (Sims 2 and 3)

Currently running a slightly insane number of blogs. Tried the story creator on the Sims 3 site and hated it. Tried the blog on the account but few view your profile. Tried putting posts in the forums but they can vanish from the front few pages very fast.

Start with the Adventures with Sims 3 blog - primarily a free will blog. SelahFreeAtLast talked about the idea in the forums and it sounded entertaining.

Second was Hi Mum, it's Sammy - the trials and tribulations of a Sim downloaded from the exchange. This one started as an idea I posted on the forums and I decided to try it as a blog.

Third was World Adventures with Indiana Sam (since renamed). Sam was thrown at world adventures with an Indiana Jones outfit. I loved the family too much to abandon like a normal Hi Mum, it's Sammy story and so they got their very own blog.

Fourth was Art Flows Through - another Sam story that his fans wanted to continue. :)

Fifth was Sims 3 Short Stories - for ideas that won't work as Hi Mum, it's Sammy and more adult in general content.


Kaleeko, aka, the person that writes 100 words to say what someone else could say in 5. A little too perfectionist, a whole heck of a lot neurotic, and probably in need of psychotherapy. Don't worry, though, I won't eat you. ... Maybe.

Unlike many of our other awesome contributors, I only write one blog: Desperate Sims.

Desperate Sims is a bit of a dramacy -- part legacy, part story, part... Something. It centers around the Kanes, my one and only family; and to them, I do lots of torturous things for the sake of entertainment. I try to tell their story in a narrative way similar to the show Desperate Housewives, and each "Episode" is cut into short story chunks involving family members, leading to a Finale at the end of a Season.

My focus, though a great deal of it is on story-telling, is to foster character development in each member of my family, in order to show how human these little Sims can be.

In that annoying place called "Real Life", I'm suffering through the horrors of Canadian immigration in order to live with my husband -- thus have absolutely nothing better to do than to write every day.