Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Evil Laugh off - This is just for fun

And is exceptionally silly

It's the Evil Laugh off

Yes fans, today we bring you the evil laugh from three notorious evil Sims. Our benchmark Sim is
Mr Jebidiah Kane - Star of Kaleeko's brilliant Desperate Sims

Jeb is not entirely happy with the quality of the production - due to some weird noise happening during his laugh. The production staff says stiff bickies.

Contestant one is the evil Jerod 'Shrimp' Grant - Mr Grant originates from The World Adventures with The Grant Family blog but has had a guest appearance in Desperate Sims and in the Short Story blog

I fear that Shrimp fails to measure up here.

And contestant two is the evil Ted 'Ginger' Leman - Ted is a refugee from a never blogged game - son of Thomas Leman and Tamara Donnor which explains the hair (dad) and the nose (mom)

So does Ted make the grade as an evil doer? You, dear viewers, must decide.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Imploded Ego alert

Just to let people know. Due to currently smashed to bits ego - while the short story in progress is still going to finish - there's likely to be a serious lack of posts in anything else. Cause at the moment, it's hard for me to see that anyone cares therefore it's harder than hell for me to.

It doesn't help that the wet season has been seriously wet this year and it's been days since we've had a full day of clear weather. The downstairs has had water in it most of the time post Cyclone Yasi - our awning blow away and rain splashes in now. It is taking forever to get replacement awning.