Monday, November 16, 2009

Sims 3 update

I was apprehensive about installing it, though I have had no major malfunctions after installing an update in the past. I find myself more nervous ever since my game crash and save data loss awhile back. I saw lots of posts on the TS3 forum after the 1.4 patch regarding it giving game malfunctions...

Holding thumbs! But I did backup my save files just in case.
If anything I hope they fix the darn story progression and the food in the fridge issue! I hope if you guys install the new version 1.6.6, you don't experience any problems.


  1. Sorry I never saw the lengthy discussion about the patch at Dee's stories blog:/

    I really need to get to the forums more! LOL

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  3. Sorry I removed the above post because I did not want to post a gazillion posts.

    I got the code 16 error when I tried to save:( I found this on the forums.. pity they did not TELL YOU THIS, when you have the option to upload the patch!

    I think the EP is only coming out in SA on Friday or later:(

  4. Typical! And now in a crisis when people are spamming the boards for help, the site is non-functional...

    "Proxy Error

    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET /jforum/posts/list/

    Reason: Error reading from remote server"

    How, convenient!

    I am updating CrinkleWinkle as we speak so clearly it is an EA issue:(

  5. The forums must be overloaded. I keep getting various error messages when I try to connect to it.

    I've got backups and so far I haven't had any problems with the patch. *crosses fingers* I haven't patched my daughter's machine yet and will wait until I get the EP to do so.

    Still waiting for it to arrive. She's very anxious for it. It's actually very cute.

    I always use the "save as" function and I thought I read somewhere (when I could access the forums) that you needed to use save as instead of save as a workaround for now. But, I'm not sure if that is still accurate or was ever accurate.

    *kicks the forums*

  6. LOL! I am peeved:( I phoned the store I order my games from and it is not even logged on their system yet.. WA that is:(

    Though I must say, I have managed to go to a new town and create sims? This whole thing is very annoying indeed. I am now too scared to load any files that I blog about, which currently are all my files, besides for Becky's save file that is. We have 4 saved games atm.

  7. I just got the EPs via UPS. I still can't access the forums (hubby even tried from work and no go).

    I was able to get far enough onto the forums to see that it looked like a SimGuru had responded in the tech center and then I got the big ol' proxy error. *sigh*

  8. Oh! Please let me know how your EP goes!

    I did not pre-order, as I wanted to see how the EP would pan out and if it had issues before I bought it:(
    In hindsight I should have, but this feels very much like extortion to me in a way...

    Release a patch that is ok with EP but not with the base game, do not commment, block forums and then wait for everyone to rush out to buy EP tomorrow:(

    Perhaps I am just cynical, so your input would set my mind at ease... LOL...

  9. I'm just not going to worry about it. People on the forums always get frantic about things before they know what they're talking about. The game's been buggy from the beginning and I've been slogging my way through.

    I've got all my games, sims, lots and cc backed up. I can always reinstall the base game if worse comes to worse. Until something blows up, I'm going to dive in headfirst and enjoy it. ;D

  10. I installed the EP and there were more patches. I'm not sure if they're related to the EP or Sims in general. I got in and played my Lessen game for a bit and no problems.

    I've got a list of the new lifetime happiness rewards and some of them are pretty cool. If you're interested I'll post them and their basic descriptions.

  11. OMG you can cancel the newspaper!

    Little things make me SO HAPPY. :D

  12. Hmmm, the chaos is likely to be worse then usual at the site. Every new patch and every new ep in Sims 2 caused a flurry of "it broke my game. Why don't they test these things?" I'm sure they do but there are so many ways to configure a PC that's it is simply impossible to run any like a complete test.

    I'm sorry that the patch caused you issues worsiedog. I'm fairly confident that wasn't intended to force people to buy the ep, you do get notified that there is an update via the launcher and I'm sure that you are only supposed to be notified of appropriate updates there.

    I'm actually waiting till I can get my little paws on the EP, do the backup, patch, EP, and probably more patch then finally play.

  13. Hi all. I haven't patched yet and haven't even tried to get into the forums. The only thing I have done is read Sue's newest blog post.
    I am just loving this email notification.
    I'm going to all the places via my email first now.
    Keeping fingers crossed for eveyone including me regarding the latest patch.

  14. PiB, I saw there is a 1.5 and a 1.6 version of the patch... I only had an option to dl 1.6 :(

    I went to bed after my last comment so I have not checked this morning, but saving was definately an issue for me. First save was fine, second save code error 16. They say you must refer to the readme file, but there is no code 16 there.

    Some people who actually sat and went through all the files and so on are getting a msg "components of an expansion pack have been removed".

    I have never had patch related issues before and this is really annoying.

    Also the way the files are saved is now different. they are called legacy files and also there are 2 folders with 5 files in it for each save and back up... the back up folders are showing up as .bad files.

    It is a bit confusing as to which files/folders to delete to restore the previous save game and I did not manage to get any help with that.

    I might need to ask for advice if I have to do a reinstall, I do understand the basic concept but I would be really upset if I lost all my saved sims and so on. I assume I just pack certian folders up somewhere safe?

    I am sure the server went down because it was overloaded. The last I was able to see there were over 8 pages of comments in the game patch issue thread with almost every one being a code 16 error issue. This of course doesn't include all the other threads opened on the matter.

    I just hope that EA releases a fix to fix this code 16 error for those who cannot buy the EP atm.

    Everyone is using 'save as' as a way around it for now, but I think it was Nichodemus who commented awhile ago that repeated 'save as' saving overwriting the same file eventually corrupts it.

  15. Hello,

    We have been made aware of an issue you may encounter while trying to save your game after installing The Sims 3 World Adventures or updating your game. The Sims 3 World Adventures and the Game Update have changed the way your save files are created, which can lead to an error during your gameplay when you save your game. If you encounter an error that says “Error Code 16,” please use “Save As” to save your game instead. This will allow you to create a new save file and circumvent this error.

    If you are beginning an entirely new game or starting in a new neighborhood, you will NOT encounter this issue.

    We are working to address this and will update you as soon as possible.


    -Big Guy-

  16. Oh, crap, worsiedog, I hope you get it working soon! I hate that you have to wait to play the new EP.

    I hate that there are now two folder trees for the game and two of everything. It already takes up enough space on my hard drive. I don't know where to put files now.

  17. I wonder why they made folders as well as files? It all makes it rather confusing now for fixing badfiles? I am not sure which to delete the files or the folders?

    I saw on the forums this morning that some people are able to save fine after they did an initial 'save as' of the game. Apparently the update now saves the games in this new format with the LEGACY file name.

    Apparently this LEGACY file cannot be renamed either? It appears that you have to delete the bad folder or something and it might be renamable to sims3.

    Lots of ifs and buts and maybe's which really is frustrating.

    Some people had no problems with the EP using a new character and town, but as soon as they tried to use their old characters they get stuck someone in the middle of nowhere and the save game takes one back to an empty china, france, egypt or wherever they were.

    Some people also report that when in edit town one can not click on anything in edit town at all?

    :( I hope none of you experience all this hoofangle!

  18. I hope you get everything worked out worsie.
    You all, please let me know what you discover in WA. Nothing spoils the game for me. It just helps me decide whether I want it or not.

    I plan to download that patch tonight. I know, I said that before. I really will tonight before I even check my emails. I deleted all content in my installed content folder that didn't come from EA. I can always get it again by redownloading the sims it came with.

  19. I might have found a clever simmer with a solution.. big guy's solution still seemed to give problems when I researched it.

    Do you guys think I should try this option? I am so nervous since I lost my first Crinklewinkle save game already.

  20. Sorry for spamming, but I found a new 'update' from the simguru guy in the forums.. maybe chrysame you can try this?

    Hi there.

    Have you tried this?

    In the meantime, we have tested the following workaround, which should enable you to continue saving your games.

    1. Launch The Sims 3.
    2. Open the game you wish to play.
    3. Use Save As instead of the Save option.
    4. Rename your file. You must rename your file to something entirely different than any of your pre-existing save files.

    A new save file should now be created, which should allow you to play the game as usual, and use the Save feature. (In other words, you only need to Save As and rename your file once.)

    Note: You will not encounter this issue by creating a new game.

    -Big Guy-

  21. I'll keep that in mind if I play Lesson's again with the EP. Thanks! I actually like the new guy I created to travel. I finally created my very own redhead male complete with freckles! Benjamin Barker: Explorer!

    Not a great explorer but the man tries!

  22. My second day of playing after the patch/EP and I'm starting to experience some graphical glitches and pathing problems in the temporary game I created for Rachel to go adventuring. But that type of glitch was present in the base game as well, so it's only a minor irritation so far.

  23. LOL, and here I thought someone was going to do a whole new sexy Indiana Jones for PiB :)

    I only have 4 save games, but now 5 forced by the code16 error

    sv freewill -renamed to freewill eperiments

    ... in foster-can't reveal all now can I? *wink*

    valentia crinklewinkle

    my daughters game

  24. Has anybody heard them sing yet?

  25. Ben has learned the two French songs. He's constantly singing. He'll just stop and start singing. Heehee.

  26. Sounds like fun. I can hardly wait to grab a copy and do some adventuring. I even already have some spare Sam clones ready to go.

    While Sim one is roaming the world, does the home neighborhood still age and progress?

    I can do my own Indiana. That will be an interesting face to try.

  27. I downloaded the patch tonight. I had read about "saving as" one time and changing the name. I did that as soon as I entered the house. So far, so good. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will still be ok the next time I play. I went to 3 other houses via "change household".
    I got to see the child/toddler hug and peek-a-boo. It was cute.

    The only thing I saw so far that bothered me was the leftovers in the fridge spoiled way too fast.
    While at Wyatt and Marta's, Alicia Longshore came to visit.

  28. Dee, did you have any issues with toddler/baby interactions?

    Some people have reported that when they want to pick up the baby to feed for example, the baby goes out their arms and ends up across the room?

    That fridge thing everyone is complaining about... what is the point of leftovers then? I hope they fix that soon!

  29. Wish me luck, I got my EP and will be backing up, updating, and installing tonight. After dealing with the poor neglected dogs in my house that is.

  30. LOL, are the poor neglected dogs giving you 'sorry for myself' eyes?

    PiB, there is a 1.7 patch up now to 'fix' the 1.6 save issue, but I am sitting with the upload to game window open and I am too scared to click ok.. lol

  31. Ok, so I had the 'faith' to click ok... so far so good, I have loaded and saved normally, in freewill, my daughter's game and the in foster family.

    I saved numerous times to test and exited and went back in and I have also switched household with no issues.

    The leftovers did not go bad in the fridge, so is that a WA issue then?

    Perhaps most of these people that are having such major issues forgot to take out their mod's and hacks before installing?

    If WA is creating so many problems and it is not mod related then I am hesitant to go and spend over R300 on it which is alot of money to me atm with all the other disasters with my house LOL

    I would really appretiate it if you guys could let me know of any issues you experience... maybe we should start a new post for it?

  32. Yes, the dogs give me the "We have been neglected and starved" look. They only get 2 walks per day and not as much food as they can stuff in their bellies. LOL

    No EP installation for me tonight. The dvd won't install because I did the capital crime of purchasing the main game while on holiday in the US and the EP in Australia. So the installer complains that the region code is wrong. I've emailed ea games but I have found reference to editing the registry to fix it. I'm hoping not to do that, regedit scares the willies out of me. You can *really* stuff things up there.

    I have installed the patch and everything is fine except for the fact that if the house was asleep, some of them might be up and roaming again. I went back to Sam, Celia and family to find that the twins were on the floor. But Celia managed to beat Sam to getting one in a crib. Sam took care of the second + toddler Cedric. Dead exhausted but the kids come first. That's Sam for you.

  33. Sam is really a great character! He has so much depth in him. I am definately adding him to the new repopulate.

    My sausage dog can't go for walks atm as we are having very heavy rains here.

    I hope that EA can help you fix that problem with the regions. That is silly though. I never knew that about PC games. If my husband buys games overseas for the kids PS2 we never have to worry.. but perhaps that is because he got it in Singapore and it is set to play games from all regions.

    You sound very professional with that whole RegEdit thing.. lol.. I would have have run screaming at the thought :)

  34. It's the first time I've ever had a game complain about region codes. And I have many shelves of games, mostly bought in the US and brought back to Oz. Mind you, a lot don't have expansions.

    Ah well, I'll see if I get the reply in the promised day.

  35. I didn't click on anyone to feed the babies. They were doing it on their own.

    I found Myra on the floor twice when I entered the house but that was happening before I updated.

    I did have a couple of sims pick up the babies so I could take a pic.
    The leftovers went bad in my game without WA.

    So far the leftovers were the only problem I had. I noticed things looked brighter. I went to put leftovers away and the fridge had a very bright glow when I was doing that. The entire game looked brighter.

    I did delete the cc items from the "installed content" section before updating. Since I know where they came from I can always download that sim again to get them back.

    I read about peoples games not letting them click on things in edit town. I had that problem one time the other night before updating, but not after updating.

    I won't have time to update again until tonight.

  36. Dee, what fridge do you have? Fiona has the last one on the list.

    She could access l/o that were there before, and she added pancakes and mac + ch. The made added the foster kid's burnt waffles twice LOL.. I deliberately stayed and played over a few sim days just to see the food go funny.. but it didn't.

    Maybe it has to do with the fridge?

    I can't be sure about this, but I am sure that I had gotten Fiona to plant some seeds before I left them last, I have made a garden and everything, but there was nothing there. Perhaps I never got round to planting them, I can't be sure.

    I have not gone into Valentia's file yet.. lol.. I am still wary.

  37. Wow, Celia beat Sam to one kid? I call that a triumph as he's so quick to get to his kids.

    I need to download the 1.7 patch today. I played Marta and Wyatt quite a bit yesterday and all was well. If I have time I'll update their blog today.

    I have found it seems to be more difficult to get screenies. I'm having roof issues where the roof sometimes just seems to "disappear." I'm hopeful the new patch will take care of this.

  38. As far as I know the 1.7 patch ONLY corrects the save file issue.

    I guess they will work on a patch to fix all the other issues later:/

    I have not tried basements yet... have you?

    I actually saw screenshots from one thread where someone had added a basement to an existing house. Now that the basement is there, the house has become invisible... LOL

    I am not sure if that is isolated?

  39. They have the most expensive fridge. I read about getting a new one stopping the problem. I'll try that if after updating to 1.7 doesn't stop it. I had put their leftovers in the fridge before they went to bed and first thing when Marta woke up, she went to clean out the bad food. The only leftover in there was the one I put in before they went to bed.
    I didn't play long enough to build anything, but didn't notice anything wrong with the roofs.
    I'll be watching for your new update tongiht Chrysame and will not be able to read worsies until tonight.

  40. I noticed the brightness too, and a more realistic lighting at sunset, very pretty. It makes it even harder than it already was to make sims with the right skin tone, though. I make a sim that looks right in CAS and her skin looks horrible in-game. All washed out and pasty and not realistic at all, and no contours to the face due to not enough shadows.

  41. Hmmm...sorry about that Sue, I am sure you will find a way to work around it?

    After Dee's comment I did think back to how shiney and extremely bright the bbq in the back lawn looked in the Foster residence..

    Also I am not sure if it my imagination, but tab cam outside of houses is not quite the same, it gives this real looking through the aquarium windows feel?

  42. My game bombed:(

    I played a bit of freewill tonight after studying... after switching between 7 hh... for testing, but some playing... it got stuck..

    When trying to switch to Eve's new Perdue hh, it loads for a second and then the screen appears blank and you cannot interact with the town at all:(

    OMG! This sucks:( LOL, I have no mods/hacks on my pc:(

  43. Yes Chrysame, Celia did beat Sam to one of three children. But after one, she went straight to bed even though poor Cedric was tired too. I guess she knows she can count on Sam to take care of things. Well, kids, don't count on Sam to keep things tidy. He doesn't mind dirt at all.

  44. Well, I tried the regedit solution and WA is now installing on my computer. Hurray for Google who found me the solution to the problem.

  45. Thank goodness for that PiB, I guess you still haven't heard from EA?

    BTW, this morning I checked my game. I still could not enter the Perdue hh, and I had to force an exit again:(

    I did however manage to merge Eve back with her brother Wall, so we will still get updates about her. I swopped to the Geek hh just to see if I could and I had no issues. Possibly that Perdue household is corrupted in some way?

  46. Still don't have WA so I can only report on the updates.
    I replaced the fridge to get rid of the spoiled leftover problem.

    I played for a while last night. Still no problems so far.

    Some of the sims clothes will look different since I deleted stuff from the installed content folder before intalling the patches.

    Glad to hear you got WA going PiB.

    I only entered one other household last night because I saw someone had moved in with someone else and they are bf/gf on their own.

  47. Yep WA is going.

    Sent an Indiana Sam to the Far East. He managed to explore a couple of tombs and find some goodies.

    Lots of new clothes, some new hairstyles (mostly hats), and new objects.

    Then he got home and I absentmindly switched households without emptying his inventory.

    He still had his vacation stuff when I got back after visiting about 3 other households. Don't know if it was the patch, the EP or the patch for the EP but this is going to make switching households much better.

  48. Indiana Sam? I'm drooling...

  49. I noticed some new books in inventories...

    "Tomb Raiding for Toddlers: What to know"
    "Fashion advice for hermits"
    "French Fries, French Toast and French Kissing"

  50. Can't wait to see Indiana Sam. Bet that was fun.

    I'll find out for you when I play again if the inventory stuff is from WA or the patch since I don't have WA. I'll probably wait a while longer to get WA.

    I thought I read something in the patch info about being able to see furniture in other sim homes but must be remembering wrong. I didn't see anything in the other sims homes last night when I played. I need to go back and read the patch info again.

    I know I am going to download the neighborhood tool when it comes out. I am so looking forward to that.

  51. You didn't read wrong Dee, you are supposed to see the furniture in other sims houses, I remember thinking, Oh that is cool!

    What neighbourhood tool?

  52. I didn't see worsies post when I posted last.
    Maybe we can only see the other furniture if we buy WA then because I sure couldn't see it last night. The books must come with WA too.

    Before Sims3 was released they promised us a neighborhood tool so we could design our own neighborhoods, sort of like we did in Sims2. It is supposed to be released in December. I am really looking forward to that. I can assure you, our sims will be moving. It will probably take a while for me to do it, but they will have their own new town. Knowing how I am it will probably be a country town, but at least it will be a new town.

  53. I don't have WA, but I have the books?

    The furniture thing was listed in teh 1.6 patch, I went and checked to make sure we weren't bonkers lol..

    OH yes, LOVELY, a neighbourhood tool. I used to mostly design and decorate houses in sims 2 thought I did have my own generations and generations of burps and brokes I played with too. But I really liked housebuilding... anyway, I designed a few towns, I did a seaside village, a hippy colony and a farm town.

  54. Hi Worsie,I just didn't see the books. That's great.
    I was beginning to think I was the only one who didn't have WA.
    I never buy all the EP's. I wait until I see something that really interest me.
    In Sims2 I only bought Kitchen and Baths, Freetime and Apartment Life.
    If Sims3 wasn't being released I would probably gone back and bought either Nightlife or the business one. I really wanted restaurants.

    I built one town in Sims2. A country town. Stores, homes, made a bunch of sims, mall and other things. I had a lot of fun with it. Just hated the loading screens and having to have so many friends to get promoted.

  55. LOL, I went overboard with sims 2, I have every single EP and SP *rolls eyes*, but for awhile everyone knew what to buy me for bday or xmas :)

    Sims I only have the deluxe box set which included Living Large. I also got the Sims unleashed.. LOL,

    I miss 'el bandito' the racoon!

    WA is not available in South Africa yet, a gaming mag my family buys said it would be released on the 20th, but it not available yet.

    I am thinking I might hold off because some pple seem to be having problems?

    I am wondering however if that is just because of CC and mods in their game?

    I went and looked in program files/Electronic Arts... but I have no sims3 folder?

    There is only an EADM folder? So I am asuming that means the downloaded stuff in my launcher is not mods? Please can someone give me advice on that? The forum's are sometimes seriously lacking in feedback.

  56. I have Vista and I just always go to my documents. I wish I could help you there but I suck when it comes to anything technical. All I know to do is look in the launchers installed content folder and look at everything there.
    I empty certain cache folders on a regular basis in the my document/EA section. My computer is defragged weekly. I also turn off my internet access when playing but that is because when husband has his downloader on it slows me down.

    I believe many of the problems are caused by custom content, mods and hacks but am sure that all aren't caused by those things.

    I keep reading things like, I took out my mods and only have cc hair. The problem is that their problem could be caused by a single cc item that doesn't work with the game.

    Some just don't want to lose the custom content.
    I made a post a while back about all the mods, hacks and cc and that the forum was going to be bombarded with posts about the new EP not working. Happens everytime there is a patch or EP.
    There are a lot of people who have never played Sims before and they were being advised to get the mods and stuff but weren't being told about what they would have to do with it when things were updated.

    I believe some of the problems are because their computers just can't handle anymore sims.

    I was a late starter. My first sims game was Sims Complete. Several EP's had been released by the time I bought Sims2.

    I'll stop now. I've made a very long post again.

  57. Thanks for some insight Dee. I have Windows XP professional, so a bit far behind, I was nervous to get windows 7 because I heard about so many problems with Vista. LOL

    I looked in that downloads folder like you said, mostly all I have is patterns for wallpaper or floor tiles in my game.

    With regard to that lipgloss, I see it is a default lipgloss in the game.. perhaps I have the plumbob up with one because the person had made a custom color using the EA Sims3 default lipgloss?

    I have the t-shirt with 3 buttons and the vest/tshirt combo with plumbobs but I think I got that when I installed Riverview?

    As for the tight Puma shorts, I have no idea, but I did not need to install anything to make it work?

    I saw at the ModtheSims website that one needs to go to the Program Files and not the Document files to find the 'mod' folder. I have no mods so I guess that is why I am only seeing an EADM folder.

    Other than that code16 error, the only other issues I am having which seem to be universally related to the patch is the fridge and being completely unable to switch to certian hh.

    I resolved that by merging the problem hh with a hh that worked. I saw reports today that some NPC sims are causing this issue of not being able to switch to their hh.

    I also cannot see the furniture of my neighbours through windows.

    I had this exchange stuff in my game before I dl the 1.4 patch so I am assuming it will be ok if and when I get WA? I am not sure?

    I think many of the problems with blue screens and missing lots and so on is to do with custom stuff, hair possibly? You right about ppl being reluctant to get rid of it.

    BTW, has anyone who has WA experienced a 'missing NPC merchant'?

    Here is a 'fix' for that for now.

    LOL, I think my post is now officially longer than yours Dee:)

    My hubbie bought me sims2 for xmas one year, but my dinosaur pc would not handle it, so my game sat in a box for more than 6months before I could finally upgrade my pc. Because I started late the stuff packs were dirt cheap when I eventually bought them and the only really expensive EP I got was Bon Voyage and Freetime.

    These two are excellent btw if you ever want to dabble with your sims2 again.

    And now it is my turn to stop waffling *giggle*

  58. With this Vista I don't even find anything listed as program files.

    Those items that appeared in the installed content folder must not have used a mesh or whatever that thing is. I know nothing about meshes and stuff. I just know that I deleted anything with a plumbob in the installed content section of the launcher. They all had your s3w on them and I knew I could just redownload that sim to get them back. I liked the stuff but didn't want to take a chance when downloading the patch. I don't have anything in there now with a plumbob now.

    I'm going to go look and see if I see those other items you mentioned. The vest/t-shirt and the 3 button one.

  59. Nope, no plumbobs in the installed content folder.
    I seem to recall reading that some people are getting things that others have purchased from the store. Hasn't happened to me yet. I always have to purchase the things.
    I see one of my sons is online. Gotta go bug him a little.

  60. I've gotten lots of those items with plumbobs, that must have come with sims or lots I've downloaded from the exchange. Funny thing is, I really don't download very many things. Now that I've installed Riverview and WA, I see that most of it is from there. I kind of like the surprise of finding new stuff, but I don't want a lot of it. I did find one or two pattern and dressed that I liked. Kind of like a little surprise gift.

    As for the mods folder, you won't have one until you create it. If you don't use any cc or mods, then you won't have a mods folder.

    I'm with Dee; the patches brought a lot of problems with them and it wouldn't have mattered if you never had a single cc item. Things like the food spoilage and the swimming pools and not being able to save or open an old game. I think there are lots of glitches that haven't even been found yet. I've had a few graphics glitches. Contrary to that thread that seems to be floating around page 1 the past week, we ARE beta testers whether we like it or not.

    As for people whining about how their cc broke their game, it's starting to make me not want to read the forums for a while. People download all kinds of things with no clue about how to install it, how to use it, or even what it really does. Certainly not whether it's safe to use in conjunction with the millions of other things they've installed. I've seen people on the forums say that they literally have hundreds or thousands of downloads. And the game isn't even six months old. You start throwing around words like "compatibility" and where to install the files and scanning for viruses and their eyes glaze over. Even though I've seen the warnings on the forums, people can't get it through their heads that NO core mod, like awesomemod or indiestone, is going to be compatible with any patch or any EP. They don't backup anything, they don't uninstall anything before forging ahead, they just complain when their game won't work.

    Plus, according to what I've read, the Sims 3 just eats graphics cards alive, even the good ones, causing them to overheat. It uses massive quantities of memory and doesn't release all the memory it's allocated to itself when it should. And we know how many people can't run the game even though they thought there were meeting minimum specs. It's no wonder everybody has some problem or other.

    I also got lots of EPs for the Sim 1, but the only reason I got so many is that I wanted Unleashed, and you had to install al the previous ones in order before you could install Unleashed. I liked Nightlife, too. I thought the racoon was cute. A hippy colony sounds fun.

    Remember I mentioned I had a tiny mod that lets me switch hh without going through edit town? I had an amusing glitch with that. You're not supposed to be able to switch hh while on vacation, but I didn't know that, and out of curiosity I switched to a man Rachel Thorpe was trying to get information out of. The ability to switch back went away, so I was stuck with him. He started flirting with Rachel in front of his wife, and when Rachel returned to camp he followed her.
    Heh. I also found out you can't steal while on vacation. I'm hugely bummed.

  61. Thanks for the input Sue! LOL, I would also be bummed about the stealing since that is my fav sim trait other than never nude LOL...not that I am one of these...

    moving along, I had a nvidia GT 7800 which got chomped by the game's overcompensation and acceleration of your graphics card! I am a noob, I did not even know what all this meant until I spent hours picking through threads on the forum... there is not even a thread dedicated to this matter.

    I now have a nvidia 9800 GT 1Gig graphics card and the game sure as heck better not fry that one!!! LOL

    Thanks for the advice about the mods folder... does that mean then that my cc in my cashe folder is fine?

    As for the cc breaking the game.. I find it really amusing in my black comedy way that there is a forum thread in the Genl discussion created by a Guru demanding to share CC sites??


    Funny that I only had sims1 deluxe and I could then install unleashed with no issues? LOL, maybe because I bought the game a year or two after it's release?

    I have switch hh issues, without WA :(, I have found a work around for now, but all the bad publicity is sadly making me extremely hesitant to request WA in my christmas stocking this year!

  62. I'm sure I'll love whatever you put Marta in, Dee. I can't wait to see what you picked out for her!

    I get a lot of patterns from the Sims forums exchange normally from houses I download. I love experimenting with colors in CAS and taking a wallpaper pattern and turning it into a cute dress.

    I have a couple of CC items (dresses) but I don't use CC hair. I find most of it very ugly. I did try two CC hairs and found that it was causing my game to glitch. Yep, two little CC hairs totally messed up my game. I can't imagine what custom skins would do.

    Now, to play!!

  63. Wait, WHAT?! You can't steal on vacation? That's very disappointing. Poor Marta and Wyatt.

  64. Oh, my bad. I should have tested my thievery more thoroughly. You CAN steal on vacation, but not from everywhere. I'm bummed about that.

    I created an International Thief (all the new WA traits plus klepto plus flirty cuz, y'know) and sent him to China to steal his own little terra cotta army. hehe.

    Hair is my favorite thing to download because I find almost all the default hair to be fugly. Sadly, I also find almost all the cc hair to be fugly as well. I now have two cc hairs that I seriously love. I'm paranoid about malware so I have 4 malware scanners. Since they all tend to be good at finding different things, I figure they compliment each other. I can everything I download with at least two of them, sometimes all four.

  65. To Sue, " plus flirty cuz, y'know", so funny. LOL.

    Chrysame: I have Marta wearing the Tulip Jacket from the store. It's a three layer top. Jacket and vest are now black leather trimmed in red and the undershirt is red. I may have to change the color of the undershirt. For some reason bright red on my sims looks glitchy sometimes. She has the black high heel boots and still has black leather pants but I'm not sure if they are the same ones.

    Myra is a toddler as of 2 sim days ago. She looks like a real toddler. You know, head too big for body but she's cute.

    I did finally see the new books. Had a bug, two maids one day. Hasn't happened since.

    I didn't have any problems and I played for hours. I didn't change hh because I just wanted to stick around for Myra's birthday. I changed from epic to long. I looked at the other houses from edit town and didn't see any new babies.

  66. *laughs* I can't find the Tulip Jacket for the life of me. I'll see it when you post your next blog update! I can't wait to see Myra as a toddler!

  67. Chrysame, I just realised, it's the free gift when you purchase $20.00 sim points. If you pretend you are going to purchase points you will see it. In that pic all three layers are black.

  68. That's a cute jacket! I really like the necklace that comes with it.

  69. Every day I go to the forums and read about half a dozen new glitches. It's not quite enough to make me sorry I bought the EP, but it's more than enough to really, really frustrate me. Some of these glitches are MUCH worse than the ones I have. Honestly, does EA just not test their stuff AT ALL? A large number of these problems are so glaring and obvious that they should have been found in the first round of quality testing. If I'd ever released any code with bugs this bad I'd have been fired on the spot.

  70. [edited to correct sentence] sorry I bought the EP or installed the patches.

  71. I hear you Sue. Up until the end of Sims 2, I never tried to install an EP until the 2nd patch was released. The first patch was usually the major show stopping stuff. The second patch was a clean up of lots of little things.

    Given the complexity of the game, it's not surprising to me that it has more bugs slip through then others. Like I am sure the tombs were carefully tested to make sure they worked as intended. What wasn't tested was that sending a Sim from a different household would find a reset tomb.

  72. Exactly. I consider that incredibly shoddy testing, because it's a huge, EP-disabling issue. *crosses fingers for patch*

    You also can't reset tombs you build yourself, or stock stores, or a lot of other things. At least, nobody knows how. And there's not a decent how-to guide. They hyped the build your own tomb thing so much that there's no excuse for not testing these things. Oops, off the soapbox now.

  73. I just noticed another glitch.. Mom Eee used to have 'custom music' as her favorite.. now suddenly it is 'french' and the little pic is blank, and I DO NOT have WA... *sighs*

    LOL... BTW Dee, I saw Claire's ghost;)

  74. Ok, so the ghost do work if placed on the beach. I had to stop and think for a minute just what you were talking about.

    I still haven't been able to see the furniture from outside other sims home.

    I noticed even more new books but didn't write down the names of them. I want them to read skill books on their own.

    I went to one sim the other night to discover around 10 books in the inventory. No wonder that sim isn't involved with anyone. Every single one had been read. I sold them. Don't remember which sim it was but I do remember it was one that didn't have a love interest.

  75. Maybe it was Justin? He also always had alot of books in the inventory when I checked on him.

    I took some pics of Claire so I will include them in the next updat, which I am starting now as I had to play all the hh yesterday.

    I also still don't see furniture.. I posted it on the forum in that glitches with patch or whatever thread and some idiot replied...

    "Um yes that is not an error you are supposed to see the furniture with the new patch" with one of those smirk smileys.. LOL

    I replied.. "Urrr, yes, you did not read my post, I do not see any furniture even though we supposed to"

    I have not seen anyone else mention it.. maybe they have not read the patch information correctly?

  76. Other books I have seen

    "French Fries, French Toast and French Kissing"

    "Shadow of the tower"

    "Jimmy Sprocket and the mummy's curse"

    "South of the Sahara"

    "Life on Mr Chan"

  77. I'll be watching for the update tonight when I get home.
    I think many people on the forum don't really read the post. I think they just scan them and then give the wrong answers.

    I usually have patience there but recently got annoyed with someone and was rude.

    I'll try to remember to go to that post and reply tonight.

  78. I just noticed that when going to the dresser to 'plan outfit', the sim goes back to the beginning of the age they are currently in:/


  79. Hmmm, I hadn't noticed that bug. I wonder if it happens for everyone or is a sporadic glitch? My fridge seems to working fine now and I'm no longer having insta-spoilage. I deleted the old model and upgraded to a better fridge.

    Everything seems to be running smoothly at the moment. *knocks on wood* Of course, I haven't tried sending one of them on an adventure, again. I might try again though and see what happens after I do a new backup.

    I did remove a lot of CC that came with downloads from the exchange. I think a lot of folks don't realize that if they download from the Sims site they can still end up with CC. I know I was stunned by how much I had when I really looked.

  80. I saw reports about it the other day on the forum and thought it was just a random thing... but then I specifically planned an outfit on mom to check, I checked her age before so I would be certian, and yes her age had gone backwards. She was close to her end.

  81. Oh, heck. I have the aging bug, too. I just noticed. I have no idea what to do about it. I can't do a reinstall to rid myself of the patches, because then I wouldn't be able to reinstall WA.

    I can't bear to stop playing with my games that need aging on, so I guess I'll just to have let them be messed up. Maybe I can get everybody a bunch of outfits and then never change them. I don't want to play that way, though. :(

  82. Wow, the forums are getting nasty. It's hard to find any useful information when having to wade through all the rage posts. Thank you all for posting what you find here. It's been very helpful.

    One person did post that the fridge glitch seems to reassert itself after load screens. One of the Guru's responded with the buy mode temp fix so I think that bug must be on their radar. *fingers crossed* Let's hope they've also seen the posts regarding the age issue.

  83. Hopefully they will come up with a patch soon:(

    Another issue, which I thought was coincidence before but it keeps repeating itself over and over.

    Sims that are completely in the red with exhaustion, just will not go to bed.. they will read, listen to music, stand around aimlessly, do the 'i am about to pass out' thing, stand some more, sit a bit, maybe nap if you lucky.. but they will not sleep on freewill even if freewill is set to high!

  84. That's odd. I have the opposite issue. Wyatt and Marta try to go to bed when their energy is three quarters or more in the green.

    I have to stop them and then they'll choose to do something else.

  85. I have some sims high on green that keep going to bed as well, I just thought maybe that was because of a couch potato trait or something, or perhaps because they were depressed, or just the game enacting teenage behaviours.

  86. I have the won't go to bed glitch too, in some games. If I make them go to bed the first time, they seem to be willing to do it on their own again. *fingers crossed*

  87. A SimGuru posted this link that led to this in the EA FAQ:

    I'm not able to interact with other Sims, the houses have all disappeared and the lots turned blue, and/or I don't have any relationships with other Sims anymore. What is going on?

    Some users have reported the following issues with the Sims 3 after patching to version 1.7 or installing the World Adventures expansion:

    * Losing relationships with other Sims
    * An inability to interact with other Sims
    * After travelling, returning home to find all the lots in town are empty and tinted blue

    While we do not currently have any workarounds for these issues, our engineers are hard at work and should have a solution to this issue very soon.

  88. Yes, well, Wyatt and Marta ... ahem. Wink, wink.

  89. Thanks for posting that info, Chrysame. I found a new one. Whilst scouting out possible wedding locations, I noticed that Avi's families gravestones are gone. They're not in family inventory, either. I haven't the heart to "tell" her. I was planning that some day they'd transport them to their own property and have a tiny graveyard with flowering shrubs 'n' stuff.

  90. 3 threads deleted so far by EA :(

    This one was around with regard to problems a simmer was having with returning from holidays, and they would be stuck in the middle of nowhere and saving was not possible.

    This one related to EA's lack of response on the forum due to issues with the WA and patch that ppl are having.

    This one was created because this one

    was not allowing anyone to post.. and it has been deleted as well?

    I come from a country with one of the most free and liberal constitutions in the world, this does not reall sit well... all this censorship? :(

  91. The part 1 of that post has just been deleted as well :(

  92. I created this post now in genl discussion.. not technical.. in case that is the reason why the posts are being deleted.

    Let's see how long it lasts :(

  93. I had thwe aging back the other day but thought at the time it was because I had been switching from epic to long aging. Now I know better.


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