Sunday, July 18, 2010

Twallan's Mods

Twallan is creating more and more tunable mods.  I have no idea what that means other then it's not a core mod or a scripted mod (which he has been using).  He's implemented an Overwatch Mod and made other changes.  Would anyone who moves to the new mods let me know what they think?  How easy is it to change defaults, etc?



  1. Supercomputer is no more - it's replaced by both Overwatch and MasterController mods. One is the passive stuff from Supercomputer, the other is the more active items.

    I did briefly read Twallan's stuff about the new things and I think tunable just means it's possible to tweak settings using a controlling file. If the default settings work for you, you do not have to tune it. :) I could be wrong though, I was going to wait for the dust to settle before I downloaded the newer versions of the important mods.

  2. I'll leave it to others for a while, too. Just reading the defaults, I know I want to make changes.

    A controlling file? So, we can't make changes in game? We have to access a file and make changes there? I guess that's the separate tunable mod. I still have no clue how you access it.

    I guess I'll wait and see.

  3. The tunable mod files for the new Overwatch and MasterController mods are only there for one purpose: in case you don't want to have to reset your mod's settings every time you start a new neighborhood.

    Basically it would just tell the mod automatically which items you want turned on and which ones off... But they are totally not needed whatsoever. It just makes it that much easier.

    I have no idea how to tweak an .xml file really, anyways, so it wouldn't benefit me much.

    Twallan's come out with a lot of really awesome totally sweet mods lately, though. Dresser? I'm in love. If you download one of his precreated tuning files to install with it, every day, sims cycle through all their different outfits... (The base mod allows you to add addition outfits on top of the base 3 per category, too.)

    He is the shizzle. :)

  4. Yes, he rocks.

    So, how do I set my options with a tunable mod? Do I set things up in game (accessing the options via a computer, City Hall, etc.)?

    I looked at his premade tunables. Nice but I definitely want some different options then what he has set up.

  5. Ack, I worded that last reply poorly.

    Do I set things up with the new Overwatch mod (or Dresser, etc.) in the same fashion as I have with his other mods? O

  6. I usually like to change some settings, too. :) After I switched the mods, I kept freaking out because testingcheats wasn't enabled, and then I realized... "Oh yeah, SC used to turn this on for me. Doh!"

    With Master Controller, you should be able to change the defaults on the 'Settings' menu, which still should be available on any computer, just like with Supercomputer.

    Overwatch, the menu is only on City Hall, so you'll need click there to change those settings.

    Only thing I don't like about the changes is where he moved the 'Add Sim to Household' option... The way he has 'Basic... Outfit' set up is way better, though. You just click the outfit, and it instantly appears on them, rather than having to wait for them to actually change.

  7. Oh, and you can now add any moodlet to any sim at any time. You have NO idea how happy that makes me. Nooo idea. ;)

  8. No super spin when they change clothes? :D

    You can add moodlets? He's really been busy. The Dresser does sound great although I'd probably spend way too much time making sure every sim had multiple outfits.

    I can't live without his mods. They enhance the game so much.

  9. Nope, no spin. :) I actually found it very useful today, because they don't have to stop what they're doing to change, so you can put a different outfit on them while they're doing an activity that usually calls for something else.. Like putting everyday clothes on a swimming sim. ^^

    Dresser is pretty awesome, but I agree, I've already spent far too much time in CAS on new outfits for my sims.

    I really don't know how he does it, but I'm with you 100% -- I couldn't live without his mods, now. I think the only one I don't run is Careers... They're all too good to pass up.

  10. What do you think of WooHooer?

    I tried it but I just didn't seem to get much out of it. Then again, I tested it out at the end of the bachelor challenge.

    Now, I have a mental image of Jeb swimming and suddenly changing into his formal wear. *laugh*

  11. At first I didn't really feel like Woohooer had much functionality, but it's actually kinda neat. It adds a 'Risky Woohoo' option, which has a 10% pregnancy chance (which is nice for surprises), and makes it so you don't have to get them cuddling on the bed first to tell them to go have some fun. ;) It also changes "range" on cheating detection and such, which is nice.

    Also, Woohooer+Sleepfreedom+ a Teen Pregnancy mod unlocks the ability for teens to makeout on the bed, which makes me muy happy. Only reason I run the Teen Preggo mod is to unlock some of the 'Adult' romantic socials, like Embrace, and bed cuddlin'.

    And yes, Jeb swimming in his formals is an awesome mental image. May have to come up with an excuse for Meredith to shove him into a pool or something. ;)

  12. Ack, Woman! Don't get me hooked on more mods!

  13. *laughs* I'll try not to!

    It's really ironic, because in Sims 2 I was 100% opposed to CC of any sort, and now I'm running what seems like a bazillion mods. RainbowBrite even made me one that lengthens a bunch of the more "life-impacting" moodlets.

    It's seriously addicting, downloading mods. Though, I'm pretty sure, if I was just stuck with only MasterController and StoryProgression, I'd be okay. ;)

  14. I'm always tempted by his other offerings. I made a girly sound over Dresser

    I'm circling the Relationship mod. It includes real numeric values for the relationship. That appeals to my acountant heart. Numbers??! Where where! Oooo, shiny.

  15. Hey, Kaleeko, I was like you. Sims 2 I had no mods, no CC. I did eventually get SimPE - to rename Sims and lots primarily. And just before I stopped playing Sims 2, I got the thing that let's you skip most of college - but I was near to sending gen 5 from 3 families to college and I had done a lot of kids by then.

    But now I really can't imagine running Sims 3 without the supercomputer and story progression. They have added so much to what I can do easily. "Would you two have a baby already?" "Gack, that hair does not suit." "I have how many elders???"

    Desensor has been interesting. Not necessary but interesting - especially watching the guys showering... :)

    Kaleeko - tweaking an xml file is easy. It's basically text like an html document. You find the value you need to change and save.

    Damn, the xml is buried in a package file, better use the instructions Twallan points to

    Is easy enough to understand and edit but the coding bit at the top could be damaged by a text editor.

  16. Oh man, don't I know. I could never, ever live with EA's Story Progression ever again. Once it kicked a huge chunk of my family out of town, I threw a fit and told it 'Goodbye'. I'm still having issues getting elders to actually DIE, but I think that's because my age-mod just gives them a percentage chance to die every day after their "last day"... I've had Sims live up to 300 days past their death day... Still trying to figure out a way to make sure that doesn't keep happening aside from scouring my elders manually.

    Decensor is certainly interesting, to say the least, but since I don't have custom skins they just look like barbie dolls anyways. :) The only thing that kinda makes me laugh about it is when they go to the bathroom... Especially the guys... Just looks ridiculous.

    Ooh, haven't seen that tutorial before! Awesome. That'll definitely help. I've never *really* had the need to edit an xml file before, but that may change eventually. I'll keep it bookmarked if the need arises. :)

  17. EA Story progression was simultaneously dropping new families in town AND killing my babies and toddlers. I had one baby and two toddlers in different families die. That was when I moved to Twallan.

    Yep, I have default skins so the front view is weird. But you can get some fine looking backsides/bum shots without the blur.

    I edit xml without too much trouble all the time. I am a bit worried about the package info at the top of the file though.

  18. Oouuch. :( I had no idea it killed off toddlers, too... Never encounter that myself, thank goodness. At least we go it solved! Thank gawd for Twallan.

    I do agree about the bum shots, haha. ^^ I just put together an album of some Sims going skinny dipping, and it was interesting making sure to angle the camera so it didn't show off any of their... shortcomings? Hee.

    If edting an xml file is the same as editing an html file, then it shouldn't be a problem. IIRC, I shyed away from messing with it because Vista kept telling me it didn't know how to open it, and then refused to let it open in Notepad. I'll try again tomorrow when I'm not a walking dead, probably did something small and stupid wrong as usual. :)

  19. Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I'll be skipping that for now. Some of it made sense and the rest was like trying to explain declining balance depreciation to a poo-flinging monkey.

    Plus, if it makes PiB hesitate then I'm not messing with tuning.
    I'm starting to feel the same way my Mom did when she had to try to set up the new VCR.

  20. BTW - have either of you tried the Porter? You can pack a set of families in town to port as one. Wow. And they'll keep the family connections.

    I'm keeping that one in mind if my game starts getting really glitchy again. It would be really cool to port Indiana Grant - all his children and grandchildren and maybe some of the siblings to kick start a new world. After following Twallan's instructions about using a normal family first then the ported one.

  21. I have used Porter, yep. :) That's actually how I moved the Kanes from Riverview to Twinbrook. It works really well, I think the only thing that was a tad annoying was all the ghosts that came with were playable, and I had to send them back to death and move their urns to the graveyard.

    I think, though, it may be why I'm having issues uploading Sims from the household. Every time I go to Share them, the description is full of NraasPorter foo. He did mention not to upload Porter families, but I thought he meant the whole, giant family, not individual Sims. I'll have to ask him.


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