Sunday, June 09, 2013

Random pics for Sue

Over in Art Flows Through, I threw in the family of Zayne and Thomas Leman and their three sons - Derrick, Clayton and Bob.

I don't have a recent shot of Bob at all - he is a teen now.

Here's the oldest son Derrick
A bit on the thin side but he's had the good taste to marry Brooke and Hans daughter

Elizabeth Grant - who did grow up well herself.

The last pic I have of Clayton, he was a teen
But you can get the idea here that Zayne and Thomas make lovely kids together.

Would have been nice if they'd had a daughter but what can you do?

Thomas is an elder - Zayne probably is too but I'm afraid to look.


  1. Oh, my, they do make beautiful babies, don't they? I do love me some ginger-haired boys.

    Thomas is one of the most dashing elders I've seen. I'm going to have to do a legacy with him, for sure.

    1. Clayton was pink haired - but I couldn't quite deal with a pink haired boy - too old for that to work I fear. The other two are natural gingers.

      Thomas is a sweety and once fixed up a little, did age well. He and Zayne seem pretty happy when I run across them in the hood.


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