Saturday, June 08, 2013

More of Sam's progeny

Yay! So there ARE still people here ... sort of ...

I haven't even given Dragon Valley a look, as normally I'm not a fan of medieval or high fantasy Sims ... still ... how can anybody resist raising a dragon?

It's good to see some of the Grants again. I'll play along. I just made a CaS love child of Sam and Zayne. He's quite a cutie.


  1. I see the Grant is strong with that one. :D

    I remember that I tried to interest Sam a couple of times into dating Zayne but he just wasn't that interested. Still, they can have good kids.

    Yes, I'm still here but haven't been worried about this blog of late. Good to see you Sue.

  2. Zayne! Oh man, I missed that bare footed little minx. Heya, Sue. :D


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