Saturday, June 08, 2013

Random Dragon Valley pics

So, it's been a very long time since anyone posted to the group blog. I hope no one dies of shock.

I've decided to share some random Dragon Valley pics. Mostly because a) it's not a story in any form and b) the Sims I sent to explore my new world and dragons.

I sent Tulip Tomasi - Chrysame's lovely daughter of Marta and Thomas along with Charlie Grant - son of Sam and Amelia (kaleeko's) Grant. They moved to the neighbourhood with Charlie's family but Tulip's family was left back at Barnacle Bay.

 Charlie is a fisherman.
 Tulip is architect designer.

 I was worried that it was going to be hard to do the dragons. The tiny house they bought came with a dragon egg and so our first dragon was easy peasy. Named Draco.

 "Tulip, will you be mine forever more?"

"Of course I will. Didn't we do this before?"

"I thought so too but let's do it again."

 Going on a date in Dragon Valley. Learning archery and

 playing violins.

Well, Tulip can't complain that it's what they've done before. :)

 Then we got our second dragon, Iggy. Short for Igneous.

 Charlie wanted a bachelor party but since they don't know any in town, they went straight to the wedding.

 "Dude, what is wrong with you?"

"I" [sob] "never get to go to weddings."

"You should chill."

"I'm so" [sob] "happy to see them marry."

Sam was the only one to cry at the wedding. I had no idea he would, it's been forever since he's had a grown child go through a formal wedding.

 Presenting Mr and Mrs Grant.

And here is Emerald (called Emmy). Green dragons can harvest your garden and can find treasure. Damn, I think I love Emmy.

I should be able to get a black dragon too, since I have the required set to unlock it. We will see.


  1. How do you like Dragon Valley? I'd love the violin and archery but the medieval setting doesn't do it for me. Plus, you know, giving EA more money doesn't do it for me. :D

    Good to see you, PiB!

    1. Hey Chrysame - great to see you too.

      I don't care for the medieval setting given they still have cellphones, computers etc. And the violin and archery are from a set you get separately from Dragon Valley!

      But Dragon Valley is a pretty world and the residents aren't typical EA townies. They are blue/pink/orange/green and a lot of them have elf ears. :) Weird for me, I feel like I have a berry world now.

      I still post to most of my blogs - Sammy, World Adventures, and Art Flows Through - though I did remove sending comments to everyone because the blogs are all very sporadic now. I post the random pictures to Tumblr mostly.


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