Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Collection Folders for Dummies

How nice that we have collection folders that we can create and edit to make finding our favorite items easily. Sounds great, right?! Just one problem? I can't figure out how to save an item into a custom folder. I have a nice empty folder I named, 'Bathroom', for, you know, bathroom stuffs, decor, etc. I'm losing what little mind I have left trying to figure out how to save a blasted decor item into the folder.

Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope.


  1. If a Sith would rather tell me the key to Collection folders then I'd be willing to turn to the dark side. As long as there's jello. Can't be a proper sith without black cherry jello.

  2. I wish I could help but I have yet to see these collection folders of which you speak.

    There's black cherry jello? Sign me up as a Sith now.

  3. Now, I'm trying to imagine which jello product is preferred by which supervillain.

    Lex Luther?
    Karl Rove?
    The Joker?

  4. LOL So many villains and so many desserts to choose from.

    why is it that I think the Joker only has cream pies?

  5. Darkseid is dark chocolate pudding cups
    The Joker is classic puddin' pops.

  6. Ok, I got you covered here. (Chocolate black cherry pudding?)

    At any rate, collections.
    You go into buy mode and find the item you want in your collection. Click the item in the catalog to make it pop up. The last icon on the right is Add to collection. click and tell it which collection.

    Oh, and Pets is working. I'm visiting Fireman Sammy and his family - I should do something with Charlie and Tulip - they are a lovely couple.

  7. Woot! Thanks, PiB. I'll play with it later tonight.

    Yay for Pets! Fireman Sammy? Is there a dalmatian in his future?! Have the fun. Pets is very well done.

  8. Ex-fireman Sammy I should say. The last Sammy clone we had. I wanted to test a less important save (since he's officially off the radar) before I went and played Johnny and Shannon or Penny and Nick.

    They got a dog but they didn't get saved this time around.


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