Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Collection Folders for Dummies

How nice that we have collection folders that we can create and edit to make finding our favorite items easily. Sounds great, right?! Just one problem? I can't figure out how to save an item into a custom folder. I have a nice empty folder I named, 'Bathroom', for, you know, bathroom stuffs, decor, etc. I'm losing what little mind I have left trying to figure out how to save a blasted decor item into the folder.

Help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Don't Fear the Reaper

Ollie and Shannon were devastated when Death came for Mr. Pickles. Ollie was disgusted with Shannon's tearful display. "Get a grip, woman!" Since it was obvious that Shannon wasn't going to man up and do something about Mr. Pickles demise, Ollie did what only a real man could do.

"Take that, Foul Creature! Give me back my sweetums, Mr. Pickles!"

To Ollie's shock and horror (and delight?), Death was oddly thrilled by the beating. Soft fluffy feathers flying around Death along with the cooing of Oliver made him fiendishly happy. Not able to stop himself, Ollie continued his assault.

Shannon listened to the sounds in the hallway and thought about Ollie's "performance anxiety."
"Suddenly, everything makes sense!"