Sunday, October 13, 2013

For Chrysame - first born of Charlie and Tulip

 Once upon a time, we had Tulip Tomesi - youngest daughter of Marta and Thomas Tomesi. And she had a baby with

Charlie Grant - first son of Sam and Amelia Grant.

Their first born is Violet Grant, now an adorable toddler.

A quick CAS peek says the Marta is strong in this one. Clearly a Tomasi with Grant hair.


  1. Its the eyes. Marta's eyes so distinctive and really carry on from generation to generation. I always thought Tulip was a good mix of Thomas and Marta. Grant genetics are very strong, too. They'll come out in the next generation. You can bet on that. Thanks for putting this up. I love seeing how the genetics pan out.

    1. The eyes and that heart shaped face.

      There will be more spawn to this couple. I can't imagine them having less than 3 babies. I wonder if I'll get a ginger Grant out of it. :D


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