Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Don't know if anyone still remembers this blog

I was playing around with my Dragon Valley save - someone mentioned that dragon Valley would be a good place to do a rainbowcy - the natives have interesting colours. :D

So I redid Charlie and Violet, changed up their skin and hair

Put them on the exchange as well as their hair

Violet (the exchange did not like Pica as a new name?)
and finally their hair colour (which is more popular than either of them)


  1. Glad to see some action on the old blog. I don't know any other way to keep in touch or see if you guys are still alive.

    Cool hair color. Speaking of, I already got my hands on the new Sammy, but I can't give him his Rachel back until they give us FLIPPING CUSTOM HAIR COLORS. =) Zayne, however, is in the new gallery and rarin' to go.

    1. Actually, the inboxes with the new forums are very good. You can have a long running conversation with multiple people. So expect something in your inbox soon.

      For those who care - it's still nicarra60 on Origin and in the forums.

      New Sammy in the gallery isn't quite final. I've tweaked him just a little more. And I hear ya about custom colours - his hair isn't meant to be just black - I liked his dark red highlight. :(

      Next time I boot the PC - I shall go hunting Zayne.

    2. Poor old Sam. Yeah, it's impossible to truly recreate any of our beloved sims. I had to give Rachel a try. She's there in the gallery under Thorpe and under my Origin name SueDNim2.

  2. Yes i remember this blog, and i see one of selah's blogs has been invaded by some idiot who is posting about fishing in the son and randomness... ggrrrrr, how do they even get into these blogs of ours if we leave them for a stretch?

    1. I think Dee had deleted the blog - and eventually the url is up for grabs again. If someone finds links to a dead url - they will grab that url.


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